XP/2000 Server Stable???



Probably not a lot of companies has of yet reconfigured their entire network, but I'd like to know (from those of you who know from real-world experience) if XP has been stable. Any common crashes? Any theoretical limit to the number of computers in a network before problems arise? etc. thanks for you rinput ahead of time
Yes, Windows XP is very stable. The only time mine crashed was when i installed imcompatable sound drivers. XP also interfaces well with Windows 2000 AD servers (Remember: Only Windows XP Pro can log onto a domain, Home can not)

XP works very well in a 2000 AD domain.
Pulls group policy down very nicely, too.

Only thing you can't do is run 2K's adminpak.msi to set up client side adminstrative tools. Not compatable.

Only crashes I've had was with hardware issues on the local PC, too.
so sounds like the rumors I heard at work about XP crashing was probably due either to the use of non XP LOGO hardware and/or a lack of knowledge on the part of the installers.
Would tend to agree with that, nytrinzix.

Installed this over 200 times since the first beta on a variety of different machines. Never had a blue screen or a problem with hardware not working. Never had a problem with networking them from OSs ranging from DOS 6.22 to XP Home and all in between.

Everyone needs to do their homework first. Everyone pushs the boot from CD option with XP. But if you install from CD instead you have the option of the /checkupgradeonly switch to identify possible problems. Can't forget the HCL either. You CAN forget pulling drivers from Windows update--best drivers are straight from the manufacturer.
If your hardware is compatible you should be okay. Keep in mind most of us are home users. It sounds like Relder may have enterprise-level experience, but 200 installations from beta on can be achieved pretty easily on a few machines over a year. I've had some issues with drivers for an older Compaq SCSI/RAID array controller (non-WHQL, so not the fault of XP) and some early versions of the nVidia Detonators on a TNT, which have since cleared up. But as far as I'm concerned, XP is just as solid as 2k. My employer was ramping up to jump to 2k from 9x, but decided to push back another month and go straight to XP, assuming everything tests cleanly with it and our Apps.
he is right on the drivers from manufactor is best.
xp and 2k server both other than maybe a bad driver or too old piece of hardware from time to time never had any real problems installing/running either. loaded both numerous times, with work and test lab. even whey you try to screw up settings to get them to lock they recover nicely for most part. certianly better than the old 3.1, reload it over and over days.:D

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