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2 May 2004
[Solved] XML Active Desktop

edit: Never mind, I got an answer on another forum, if interested in the solution, PM me

Hello guys,

I'm having a little problem which I'm not sure how to solve..

I'm running WinXP, and I'm using an active desktop (see attachment) which I made in HTML+CSS+some javascript, with the help of madmatt's tutorial (among others...).

As I wanted to learn XML, I thought I could try to convert my active desktop, so that I could completely separate code from data (the data being the pictures I'm using, the labels, the links, columns sizes etc..).

So far, everything that is purely text & gfx is ok. My data are in the XML, my structure in the XSL, and I kept using CSS for the text formatting (easier).
If you look at the attachment, my left column is fully ok, but my right column contains forms, like select boxes, input, textarea.. and I'm stuck at converting them to XML/XSL.

The goal would be, for select boxes to have their "structure" in XSL, and their options in XML (since I consider that the options are actually data, and that only the XML should change if I ever have to modify the desktop).

I'm not too sure if this is possible, and how I should approach this, I've been looking into xforms, but couldn't get any results.

Could the solution just be a matter of porting HTML code for forms into XSL ?
I believe I tried that at the beginning, but got no results either.

Any advice is welcome :)

Thx in advance,



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I'm sorry Hal...
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6 Jan 2002
Image edited, no nipples!

Damn cool desktop btw :)


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2 May 2004
Khayman said:
Image edited, no nipples!

Damn cool desktop btw :)

Ooops, sorry about that, didn't mean to offend anyone. Thx for editing it.

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