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21 Jun 2002
Well every Xmas time my wife and I usually have a pretty good intake of money. My bday is in January and of course xmas is coming. I have 4 big gifts coming up and am wondering what I should ask for.

So far my list is
1. Xbox 360 Premium bundle from costco.
2. New Car stereo with ipod ready jack and new speakers.
3. New 80gig Ipod.

I'm lost here...if you guys can add things that I could ask for please post. Also you can tell what the price range is so anything in that range would be great. Not all of the things I will be getting but some of them.
You guys are very creative and I'm guessing you can come up with some cool stuff. (I'm pushing for a macbook from my mother-in-law but that is a wish! :lick: )
I'd ask for a Zune and a XBOX 360. No, I'd ask for a 32" Samsung LCD. Yeah.
I have a 32 Inch LG LCD right now. The Zune is tempting but I'm planning on getting a set up in my car to play my mp3 player and sadly the non-ipod adapters are scarce for hardwiring.

I'm really leaning towards the xbox 360.

I'm wondering though...there has to be something out there that I'm not thinking of.
The new 8800 GTX card? =)
A 8800 GTX would be sweet, but I would get no use out of it. I don't play games like I used to...(Damn Adulthood!!!)

But I like the way you are thinking. Maybe a Seagate 750 GB HDD?
I want a new truck or a 360 with guitar hero 2 and madden 07 and ncaa 07

But would rather have a new truck/jeep/fast car
Either you all are rich (asking for cars, 700 dollar video cards, etc)
Or your loved ones love you a lot.
Either you all are rich (asking for cars, 700 dollar video cards, etc)
Or your loved ones love you a lot.

Well I should of been more specific

My and mom mom talked about me getting a newer vehicle this winter around 6-7 grand pending on what I find at those auto auctions. I was gonna have someone co-sign for me so thats what I ment.

Today she asked what I wanted for Christmas and I was like well I am 18 in 2 months so I can't just say what I want like I use to cause there really isn't much I can say. She was like what about a new vehicle :laugh:

I would rather get money from people so I can pay off all my fines :dead:
Fines, what fines?

MIP and possession :dead:

Went to jail the other day for turning myself in for my warrant for my arrest

F-in sucks

I am just trying to get everything over and done with and so I can move on. I just try and make everyday just like any other before all this crap happend
married into a very giving family. I'm not used to things like that and was hoping there was someone out there with money that could help me out.
Fo Rizzle?

Yep...got caught within a week for both charges

Went on probation after 3 weeks of getting the MIP when I went to court even tho everybody else I know gets a $100 fine.

Then I finally meet my probation officer last wednesday and he tells me he is giving me 8 weeks therapy for my MIP. I then ask him to check to see if I have a warrant out for my arrest for my weed charge that he didn't know about untill I told him and he checked and finally after 3 months its in. So I told him I gotta go home and get money then I will come and turn myself in. So I did and I went into jail/holding cell for 6 hours until I was finally booked.

On the 5th I go to court for my weed charge and see what else I get. Hopefully just a fine and more probation. I would really like to just get a fine if i can talk him into it.

Who knows...its a long story and not the area to talk about it. lol
Why does everything have to turn into a "day in the life of tittles?" :rolleyes:
Why does everything have to turn into a "day in the life of tittles?" :rolleyes:

I didn't mean to

He asked and I responded

Plus I said this isn't the place to talk about it anyway

Sorry Marge :(
Plus I said this isn't the place to talk about it anyway
Yeah but you said it after you talked about it, not before

"As the Tittles turns" :p
He does though doesn't he? Always seems to find a way to turn a topic on to himself :alien:


What does everybody else want for christmas?

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