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XHTML validation


I'm sorry Hal...
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I thought i'd give a wack of getting my site XHTML validated

I went to the validator page and i resolved most of the errors, of which there where hundreds (this is for the main page only atm) .

I need some help getting rid of the last few errors, i'm not sure how to resolve them and keep the page looking the same
Line 11, column 6:  required attribute "type" not specified  (explain...).
Add the attribute type="text/css" to the style tag. That should fix this error.

The rest of the errors are due to the mixing of content and style elements, which is a no-no in XHTML. Attributes like "bordercolor" or "background" should be placed in an external stylesheet. The HTML page then refers to the stylesheet using this code, which is placed under the head tag on your page:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="myStyle.css" title="Default" />
While on the subject, is there a validator which I can run locally on my system? Like a downloadable app or something? Preferrably with explanations etc. I want to recode my website to be XHTML compatible and a downloadable ap would a tad quicker in validation I think.
I remember when I did it on the previous version of my site, I am now working on a new site which is all complient, google spiderable, and degrades well with no Image and or no css support, am quite chuffed really :D


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Its not hard, and once you start doing it, you wont allow yourself to publish a page that isnt compliant.

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