XGP Slot?


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Anyone familiar with XGP slots? It is supposed to support most modern AGP cards in PCI-E boards. I've only seen it used in Biostar boards. Has anyone found a list that shows specifically which AGP cards are supported? There is some info on older boards from Biostar and which cards they support ... but not for their Nforce4 Ultra based board which has XGP.
That sounds very strange. The AGP and PCI-e buses aren't very physically alike. For one thing AGP has overlapping pins and PCI-e does not. Do you have a link to this?


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Zedric said:
That sounds very strange. The AGP and PCI-e buses aren't very physically alike. For one thing AGP has overlapping pins and PCI-e does not. Do you have a link to this?
Some quick searching showed BioStar not really explaining how it works but the theories are that it does go through the PCI bus. I haven't seen any benchmarks for it, either.

Biostar just basically says it supports all newer AGP cards. According to the specs on one motherboard it would appear that the oldest supported cards are the ATI Radeon 8500 and the NVIDIA GF 4 (MX & Ti).

Google it and sift through the haystack.



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I've sifted through the haystack and the only thing I've found are more people just as confused as me. I wanted to upgrade, but did not want to fork out 400+ dollars for a new PCI-E card when my 9800xt works just fine, neither do i want to settle for a cheaper PCI-E card. This would have been great but until I find more concrete information, I'm going to hold off.


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most boards with AGP and PCI-E on the same board usually run the card in the old PCI lanes. So imagine buying an old pci card and playing games on that...not too good of performance. Unless some company has figured out a way around this I would stay away...

But like I said some company may have been able to open up agp bandwidth on a board with pci-e...if they did congrats to them


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The discussions I did read related to the XGP slot did tend to think [without actual benchmarks] that the AGP card in the XPG slot would benchmark below what would be expected on a normal system in an AGP slot.

But... no benchmarks seem to be around that I could find.

ElementalDragon said:
There are actually boards that support both PCI-Express AND AGP video cards. one board i know of, cause i saw it at the local computer show, they have one of each slots. think the one i saw at the computer show is the one shown in the link below. pretty sure there are other's out there, if you're not fond of GigaByte.

But still in two separate slots.

Could anyone that did sift through the haystack give me a link? Pretty please?


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i don't think it's possible to have an AGP card in a PCI-express or any other kinda slot...... or i've just never seen/heard of one..... or it's just flat out not released yet........


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No AGP cards will fit in a PCI-E slot ... thats why Biostar created the XGP slot ... but stopped there without providing any concrete information on it.
I still don't see how they'd get over the physical differences. The electrical, sure, there's probably some disgustingly clever tricks to solve that... :)

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