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XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Clone

I tried installing the new 185.85 driver with no luck so I reverted back to the 182.50 driver. My question is how can I clone my PC desktop using my nvidia control panel so the exact same thing is showing on my 42 LCD TV at the same time ('m running an HDMI cable from PC-TV) With previous drivers it had the clone option and now it doesn't offer that. I can move programs or watch a movie by moving my movie player all the way to the right of my desktop display (off screen) screen which then shows up on my LCD TV.

Not sure if this is the right forum since its for hardware and this is a driver issue so moderator please place where appropriate. Thanks.


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I have not played around with the Nvidia control panel in awhile. But the last time I needed something that seemed to go away in a newer version, I just had to spent sometime looking, I believe it's all in there, just hidden.
Maybe I just need to look closer in there Bman. I wish they'd stop changing that thing. Allot of people reporting problems with the 185.85 drivers just a little FYI for anybody updatting.

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