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XFX 7600GT about to go SLI


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Planning on throwing a second XFX 7600GT XXX card in my computer to match my current card.

I highly doubt it comes with an sli bridge. ;) I'm realatively certain my motherboard however did come with one but it's gone MIA. It's an EVGA 680i sli. So the question is, where can I pick up a bridge? Please tell me I'm not out of luck.
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Umm, I thought the MB was supposed to come with one because the MB's were slightly different spacings.

Contact EVGA about getting one.

PS Don't mention its for XFX video cards. ;)


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sorry, I edited my post for clarity...I'm certain it did as I figured that how it works...every mobo has different spacing. It's long gone however. I was hoping there was an online geek store for quazi-geeks such as myself to pick these parts up but maybe I'm being too hopeful.
Or post in the OSNN bay. someone might have one they don't need and be willing to sell it.

The bad news is they are MB specific.

Why not try EVGA? Worth a shot. The video card part is identical, just the MB card width that is an issue.

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