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XFX 6600GT with 350W power supply?


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I'm about to purchase an XFX 6600GT card. However, I'm a bit concerned with my 350W power supply. Will 350W be enough power to drive my system once the card is installed. Do they recommend more power?

My system:
Processor: Intel 3.6Ghz
Mobo: Intel D915GAV
HDD: 120GB Maxtor
Others: Plextor CD-RW, Pioneer DVD-Rom.

Please advise ASAP whether I should go for a larger power supply, say, 400-450W.



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fyi, i had a 350w psu, with my evga 6800, and pretty much the same setup as you and it ran fine. But why risk a crash, more power the better.
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I agree, LeeJend, Antec's are the best I've run into. I've been running a true430 for over a year. I have 2 optical drives, 2 HD's, and a Radeon 9800 pro. I also use various USB devices (as many as 3 at once) and this thing has never so much as hiccupped.
as a side option to all the Antec hub-bub. i'd recommend you also look into Ultra X-Connect modular power supplies. think you can pick up a 500w one now for like $70US. quite good power supplies too. removable power cables, so u only use ones that you need, and you dont wind up with a birds nest of wires somewhere in your case. People have said the wires are somewhat stiff.... but i think they've been improved since then. mine are just fine. easily able to get where they need to be. plus... they're shiny. :) here's a link to a review thread started by TittleBitties. has pics from both his case, and i posted mine (pic's not that good from mine though. took the pic with my cell phone). might try to rearrange my wires too to make it look a bit more neat. Overall they're nice power supplies. quite quiet too.


edit: correction.... you can get their limited edition green shiny power supply for $70. most of the other's i think cost around $100. when i got mine, they had a mail in rebate. Here's the TigerDirect page with the green one.

When I didn't see any of the critical spec's in the tiger add I went to the Ultra web site looking for the reliability, hold up time and efficiency numbers. There weren't any there either.

I would not connect an Ultra to my PC with a 10 foot insulated pole.

Click the link at the bottom of the tiger add and read up on what to look for in power supply spec's. A lot of what they talk about isn't even listed for Ultra brand. That's a clear signal to stay away. If it's not listed the company is ashamed of it.

PS Enermax is good too but last I checked Antec was cheaper.

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