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2 Mar 2002
Does anyone else use Xfire? I use Xfire along with several friends. It allows you to see what your friend is playing online and many times what he is playing online. You can also hop on to the server your friend is playing just by "joining his game" through Xfire. Give it a try and maybe we can start playing on the same servers. The address is www.xfire.com.

Add me. My handle is "v0rgasm".
I have it downloaded (as per request of a few buds of mine when steam's friends list is down)... but have yet to install... it very good?
It seems pretty useful...easy to configure and easy to block the people you don't wanna hear from.
i tried installing it...but it cut off my internet connection and i had to manually uninstall everything
saw this the other day on Tech TV, might be good if I had friends that were using it too.
uhm..... i'm guessing this isn't a substitute for AIM. if it is (as in can see your AIM buddies), tell me.
The program is very useful when you have lots of friends join in.

No it's not a substitue for AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, or MSN. It doesn't have features such as voice chat, emoticons, etc ... but can be used for text based chat and it's main purpose ... gaming ... finding out which of your contacts are playing what ... and in many games, you can tell Xfire to start the game and join the server your contact is in.

I sound like a marketer now, but it truely is useful, and the more people using it, the better. A list of supported games is at:

i used to use this, but it crashed my pc twice...i'll just stick with gamespy 3d

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