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Xbox Power Cord Recall


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Microsoft Corp. said Thursday that it is recalling 14.1 million power cords for its Xbox game console because they can catch fire.

The software company said 30 customers have reported fire damage. Seven Xbox users burned their hands, while 23 reported smoke damage or damage to their carpets or entertainment centers, Microsoft said.

I just read this in the news, everyone with an Xbox might want to check xbox.com to see if your console's power cord is being recalled.


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According to this article, it doesn't just affect U.S. consumers.

Everywhere except Europe, the recall affects Xboxes manufactured before Oct. 23, 2003. In Europe, it affects those manufactured before Jan. 13, 2004.

I know people who leave their Xbox on constantly, so it would probably be a good idea to go ahead and get the free replacement regardless.

Electronic Punk

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Took mine to pieces yesterday. Blown the warranty, but now it has a nice green (xbox limited edition one) case. Looks much prettier :eek:


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Electronic Punk said:
Tis what the news post I did yesterday said to :)
Thought it would be good to post here for those who don't pay attention to the news postings.

Actually, I didn't see it myself. :p


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All's not lost, looks like there may be a new product on the way out of it:

Click for larger image

More seriously though, bit nasty, good job the news of the re-call will (should) spread quite quickly :)


just got one of them in the mail. I have no idea where the other 3 are. Just kinda odd you order 4 on the same day, almost same time infact and only 1 shows up.. /me starts to catch on mr mailman or woman!


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I don't know what happened with mine but I got a cord that looks exactly the same as the old one. no idea if it matters on when it was built but mine is no different


Dabba Dooba
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Muzi: Its a safety reason...if something happends with the power supply or w/e like mentioned on the site it triggers a switch and turns the xbox off. I dont see why they would have that since your xbox still wont work.


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got an email last night to say it had shipped, arived this morning :D

same as before just with a huge trip switch in it :p


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Funny how microsoft is to cheap to recall the xboxes to fix the power supplys but then again i dont think alot of people want to send in there xbox since alot of people have them modded.

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