Xbox Live online ability?


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1 Jun 2005
So, here is an issue I have with trying to make xbox live work with 2 xbox 360's...
Xbox 1 will be my Xbox. It is connected via hard wire.
Xbox 2 will be the other Xbox in the room. It is connected via wireless.

Xbox 1 logs onto Xbox Live
Xbox 2 logs onto Xbox live a few minutes later.

Xbox 1 logs off.
Xbox 2 logs off.

Xbox 2 logs onto Xbox Live.
Xbox 1 will NOT log on to Xbox Live.

I want to know if anyone else has ever had this issue before and if anyone knows of an actual solution to this? I have looked online and no place is giving me a decent answer to this issue (Some will say get a better router, some will say its impossible, others say its routing setup)
Are you trying to use the same live account on each or anything like that ?
of course not. I use my own, my friend uses his own.
Just honestly, it makes absolutely no sense that my 360 won't connect while his 360 is online, but his 360 will connect online when I'm online.
You should ask this question in the official Live forums. It's probably intended and there's probably a good reason for it.
Heh, well considering I was thinking more along the lines of Networking and not Console support (that and many have different views about it), I figured OSNN has come across it even if it wasn't from just Xbox Live.

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