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19 Feb 2005
i just thought of this. Anyone here play the 360? I guess i could start a list of gamertags.

NetRyder on XBL.
Currently playing GoW and Burnout Revenge. :)
ArcticEnd is my tag

Just bought gears of war and R6:Vegas today, so I'm playing those, still n00bified in both and xbox 360 in general since I just bought the system off my friend.
My cousins bought a 360 a couple days ago. We've been playing Gears of War and NHL 2K7 :D
To be filled out in the next couple of days because

WE GOT A 360 yeah baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should be here I hope by the weekend
To be filled out in the next couple of days because

WE GOT A 360 yeah baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should be here I hope by the weekend
Congrats, have been really wanting one for quite some time now.

Want to hold off until I move - end of year - so I can pair it with a HDTV :D
Post your XBOX360 gamer tag!

Post your XBOX360 gamer tag along with the games you play! Maybe we can get some games in with each other. And if anyone does gamebattles, post your team too ;)

Gamertag: blaaaow
Games: COD4, GTA IV
Gamebattles: R~D

ps: My xbox has been RROD'ed :mad:. I'll be back in a couple weeks though.
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I LOVE MY 360... but i must say CoD4 and Halo 3 kill all. Not to mention a good round of DOA4 or some Marvel Ultimate Alliance! Can anyone tell me how good the online gaming is for GTA4? I hear from one person that its average, and then from another it exceeds Halo or CoD... please write me!!!
I do not get on very often since my temp roommate is using my cable for his comp, but I do love to play Halo, GTA IV(which is awesome), and DDR universe. My tag is Smalllz.

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