xbox live and the computer....

ok heres a problem. everytime i download something on my computer xbox live lags. everytime it goes to websites xbox live lags. is there any settings i can do to get this to not happen? i used a website to make changes in the registry to make the internet faster. i use the settings in my firefox to make it faster. and i have settings in my bitcomet to make it faster. like 2000 connections per download or something like that hah. is these settings to make it faster making xbox lag? or is there some network settings i need to change? or do i have to live through the lag and not download on bitcomet or download anything off websites.


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What are you using the share the Internet between your computer and your Xbox? If you're using a hub you'll probably want to get a switch.

Why? Because a switch is much better for sharing the Internet between two or more devices. Think of a hub as a one way street where only one computer can cross before getting to the Internet, and a swtich as a two way street where both of them can get on at the same time.


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A router is also a switch, so scratch that idea.

You're just going to have to do one thing at a time. It's generally a bad idea to be downloading stuff while playing online games anway, unless you have a super fast connection.
Yeah, you're basically running out of bandwidth while doing both things simultaneously. The download is obviously sucking down most of it.

One possibility is to use something like NetLimiter or a download manager that allows you to limit the speed of the download so that it consumes only a certain fraction of the bandwidth, leaving the rest for Xbox Live.

I believe a couple of third-party firmware updates for certain Linksys routers also include built-in QoS (Quality of Service) functionality that gives priority to one thing over another when there's a contention for bandwidth.

The first option is cheaper and easier.

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