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XBOX Hacked

I do not want to have this article closed, but i was reading articles on msnbc.com about the xbox being hacked. I knew that an MIT grad had done it. Now heres the other question, 1) i was told that you will be able to play different games from different consoles on your XBOX (IE: GTAIII on XBOX) 2) that these chips will be widly available. please post anything you know, but keep it legal i do not want to get this thing closed, only to get ideas on what you heard.

Admins: sorry if this is too illegal, take it down if you must.
yep I had heard that a guy had hacked the XBOX, but I also heard that if you connect your XBOX to the internet then it will automatically download a patch which disables the work around which the guy found. So really if you want online multiplayer then you can only use legal XBOX games.

Personally i would be more interested in an XBOX emu so I could play HALO which was supposed to be a PC game from the start until M$ bought it.
but the PS2 is a downgraded hardware compared to the XBOX. Also arn't the games written spacifically for the consoles? to optimize performance? so really one games on the PS2 would not know how to use the XBOX's hardware, correct?
maybe, but there would be alot of code that needs to be modified, and wyrlwyn, when will people believe in the power of the computer
The only reason that people dont believe in the true gaming power of the PC is that they still think of them as un attractive beige boxes. Thats how consoles took off, they were smaller (not really if you include the TV in their size) and they were more colourful. Sega Genesis in black...lovely.

Now that PCs are being designed to look nice and be quiet their Gaming prowess might take off.


no thanks, ill leave my xbox the way it is. if you plan on getting xbox live, it will not work on a modded xbox


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there is no way an Xbox could emulate a same-generation system, it requires to much processing power to emulate, I no, I don't think it's a hardware issue, it would need to be coded, not modded. I would be more interested in seeing a console that could play full screen DIVX movies at full speed and stereo sound, that would make the purchase of a new console for me very viable.


To answer al your questions,
Yes the xbox has been hacked, and a free replacement bios is legally available under the GPU license
No you cannot yet play PS2 on it, but some claim to have gotten windows 2k games to run after slight modification to both the game and the xbox bios

finally, they have also gotten a penguin to float around the screen in place of the normal xbox boot and it scrolls in white text "xbox linux coming soon"


if you are interested in more, chek out this sight

PS2 games will not run on an XBOX because the processor architecture is different. The XBOX uses an x86 type processor and the PS2 uses something else (don't know what, probably some kind of RISC). The only way is emulation which will strike a serious hit to performance. Other x86 software, such as Linux or PC games are, at least in theory, possible to run on a (slightly modified) XBOX.

The XBOX was cracked only a few weeks after it's release.


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Originally posted by Zedric
PS2 games will not run on an XBOX because the processor architecture is different. The XBOX uses an x86 type processor and the PS2 uses something else (don't know what, probably some kind of RISC). The only way is emulation which will strike a serious hit to performance.
That's what I'm saying, the dreamcast (laugh if you must) is by far my favorite console as far as things that you can do with it. You don't need to mod it, for there are boot discs and most apps/games/ports don't even need it now, they just self boot. People have ported mp3, vcd players as well as quake and a number of old console emus for many platforms.

Still, if the xbox (or PS2 for that matter) can ever play full screen divx movies, someone call me, cause I would be slightly intersted


Zedric is correct on the PS2 issue. The PS2 runs on a 300MHz RISC processor with 128bit RISC support processors (this is why some games on the PS2 look like or better than XBox games and some games look like crap).

As for the hacking of the XBox, the XBox was hacked before it was released. People like me who went to E3 the year before it was released with Media passes and stayed after the last day found that out. At E3, the XBox section had only ONE Xbox, and that was the one in the display. After the show ended and Microsoft was packing up, a friend and I noticed that when they opened their cases that had only controllers showing, the cases contained XBox Dev PCs! These PCs were running a modded Windows 2000 that contained a built in XBox emulator. This was why people like IGN and such were complaining about some games giving them BSODs and crashing. Microsoft only gives those systems to developers at a high price. Only one copy of that system was ever released to the public.

It is possible to write an emulator based on the microsoft emulator used at E3, the only problem is that to even achieve the sort of quality that they had, the emulator would need to be embedded into Windows 2000/XP and possibly rewrite the kernel itself (something that isn't possible). However, I have heard of a group that have been trying to extract the OS from the XBox to mod for use on the PC. If they are successful, you would be able to play more than just XBox games on your PC!


i love dreamcast, its also my favorite console, you can play divx stuff on dreamcast now. program is called DcDivx. www.dcemulation.com has info on it in the homebrew section, i use it to watch southpark episodes and it looks pretty good, fullscreen too and fullspeed.


sorry for bumping that up. i thought i was on the second page and not the last page where this one was. sorry for the mistake.

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