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Xbox Drives


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Has anyone ever swapped a drive from thier crashed Xbox and used it on thier PC as a second drive?

If this is in apropriate I apologize in advance... I know it's a micro$$ productand all... But hey!! The Xbox crashed... The Motherboard went.. :p
Well.......Where to start

A xbox drive will work in a pc but the xbox hard drive is locked. That means you cant put in a pc right away. You have to unlock the xbox hard drive. The xbox comes with 2 different hard drive vision. One is a 10 gigabite and the other is a 12 gigabite. There is guides at www.xbox-scene.com/

If you ask me its not worth it to put it in a pc.


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Well Thanks for the reply.. :) I know it ain't worth it. But..... Thier are some people around my neighorhood that want to get a second one and hey.. If this works :p

They can knock themselves out.. :D
use a pc to erase the disc and it will no longer be locked I would assume by looking at the url posted above. It seemits is just and encypted filesystem, therfoere erasing it completely with a pc will render it usable under windows as is.


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Hmmm How would I do that if I can't fdisk it?........ When I try to rewrite the boot record it tells me the boot record need updating. When I try to run fdisk it brings me an error reading drive or no fixed disk... Yet bios looks at it perfectly..

Electronic Punk

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Do Western Digital have any drive management tools?
I have been having problems with Maxtor drives at work where the drive appears in device manager but not disk management and the Maxtor app has found it and sorted the problem - perhaps WD have a similar tool.


I'm Beginning Somehow...
I don't know I've searched for something like that.. But all I find is.... Xbox drives should stay in Xboxes.. Oh well So much for that idea.. :)

Electronic Punk

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No reason why they should stay in there, they are just "Presige" drives. Does really come down to the fact its only 10 gigs tho. A real waste!


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Looks pretty bad

you can try a siteummm

thinking of the url



xbox hack z hmm

adding the words together might work.com


the site has utillities that can unlock the drive but it looks horrible to try

Nevermind - looks like nothing there

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