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Xbox disc player thingy...

Whenever i put in a newer game, it gives me the "Xbox don't recoginize this Cd or DvD or it could be dirty or damaged, and im wondering where i could find one of them on the internet, im to lazy to look it up... Or would it just be smarter to buy a new x-box?
But thats not what i kare about i'm wondering if i should just wait for X-box 2 or a new X-box or if i should just get a new drive, or even a cleaner...
I dont know i think i want to get a new drive and what not, maybe i will send it in, but you want to help out with it anyway... of course this can be on a day you dont have DT :p


Dabba Dooba
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the classes end on thrusday and saturday i drive one more time and next tuesday i take the exam :). Wait for the other buttheads on the forum to have a say before anything. Dont u have a cd cleaner thingy? If not i have one and we can try that sometime soon. If that dont work then we can order that part :). If my xbox didnt take a crap we could of used mine :(.
as others have said, try a CD cleaner if that doesnt work order a dew drive, if I remember correctly there are about three different drives with the thompson being the best as they read CDR's.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
yeah i know that thompson is bad but he doesnt plan on doing any mods. He just does lan parties and stuff like that.

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