"Xbox 360" rendition...


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it has aspects of the truth i think, but i recon it will be all sliver rather than clear in places, also not sure about the vertical loading cd?


wow i would need a new case for sure. I thought i looked bad till this... btw you are supposed to be able to place it on its side and bottom. that only looks like its bottom.


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wow that's...um...not as fugly, but still fugly...it looks pretty cool, like all futuristic and all but i mean, where would it fit? it seems too tall to actually be able to fit in an entertainment center style furniture so it would have to be standing on top of something else, which would make it collect dust and stuff. i like how he made it look to the inside of the console, but i guess that's a plus and minus...modders are gonna be able to see right away which part has to be changed in order to boot copied games and linux and stuff.


know what it just reminded me of? the southpark episode where they are playing their game shere. You know the episode with towley


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reminds me of those one flying things with lasers in halo 1 and 2. I would want it as a gift but wouldnt buy it myself.


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Dayum! That looks very good. I think they should make it all black instead of keeping it transparent, if this is the final design.
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Re: Xbox 360 First Pic? (Score: 1)
by Jolle on Sunday, February 27 @ 11:31:52 CET
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noone bother to check up the name of the guy who made that render?
Yeah, that's the reason I had the :p after the "real or fake?" at the end of the post.
It's obviously just a 3D model of a wild idea that someone came up with. :)
Not only that, a design like this wouldn't fit in with Microsoft's goal for the Xbox.
The primary function of the Xbox is obviously gaming, but with add-ons like the Media Center Extender, they're aiming for something that functions like a set-top box and that will sit in people's living rooms. A design like this, although pretty snazzy looking, wouldn't be very prudent if they want to achieve that goal. :)


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If it doesn't fit neatly like a component under my DVD, my digital cable receiver, my 5.1 receiver, and all the other useless boxes under my TV, then it isn't very living room friendly is it.


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NetRyder said:
Exactly. If anything, I think they'll probably make it smaller than the current Xbox is.

definatly, think they will make it as small as possible, external power supply etc to cut down space. will be a smaller, smoother version of current xbox :D

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