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Xbox 360 Kiosk, Play and Charge Kit and Rechargeable Battery Pack
>> Some new images/scans have appeared on the internet. It's probably coming from information that has been or will be sent to resellers.
First there's the Xbox 360 kiosk with a 23" HDTV LCD screen posted on It will be available in gamestores around the world where it will allow people to try out the Xbox360 console and games. The image (click image for full view with text) also informs us people will be able to bring their mem card and download content from the kiosk.

Then there's the 'Play & Charge Kit' and 'Rechargeable Battery Pack' posted on
The 'Play & Charge Kit' (left) will connect the controller with the Xbox360 console and recharge the battery while you'll still be able to use the now wired controller to play - very useful if your battery runs out in the middle of the game.
The 'Rechargeable Battery Pack' (right) will connect directly to a powersocket.

I think we should make just one thread where we can add any info about the xbox 360 or this could just go under the pinned topic about the next gen game systems.