XBOX 360 in the Wild!


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6 Dec 2003
this taken from you have to see this!!...:laugh:

this is real...but that kid is 0wned!! dad will maybe be fired....???

XBOX 360 0wned!
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hahahaha.. what the kid gets for trying to prove something on irc & forums :)
does he look like a young carrot top btw?
uuh...... tdinc..... i think his dad MAYBE getting fired is an understatement. more than likely would be his dad loses his job, his son loses his Xbox 360, and his dad might even face a bit of a fine..... all because his son was a numbnut trying to be 1337, leet, l33t, etc...
I guess thats what I meant by saying "0wned" meaning when Billy gates sees this I'm sure "upset" would not be the word to describe how hes going to feel...........:laugh:
yeh..... as everybody else in every other thread around the internet about this idiot said........ guess his dad shoulda explained more in depth what an NDA is. You think his dad's gonna plant a size 12 shoe up the kids arse?
Haha, elementaldragon i think he is going to go get some custom shoes made like size 20 or something to kick up there :)
heh...... i can see it now......

"daddy...... why does my a** hurt?...... wait..... what are you doing with that axe..... why are you walking towards my computer with that axe? ... ...... why are you holding that axe over your head and my computer?!??!??!? NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!11!1"
I liked this quote!

"Hey dad, thanks for the hands on ‘360 preview, now why is it that we have to eat hot dogs for breakfast lunch in dinner for the rest of our lives!??"

Sounds like Carrot Top, Jr. (as noted by Mooo!) has some serious splainin' to do. This is a good lesson to all those forum kids competing for "biggest internet pen0r".
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I've also heard he is begging gamespot to take it off of their forums.

A bit too late for that
What has he (or his dad) actually disclosed apart from what is already known?

He still needs a good fakin' kickin' with that smug look on his face :devious:
^^^ you are right no information or anything has been divulged or sneak peeks into any new private secrets. I guess the fact that some guy letting his son toy around with something that is still being tested and leaving him the freedom to post it on the internet is the big issue.
the pictures of it alone on the net breaks the NDA im sure. MY bet is the guys dad is toast as soon as bill figures out who it is. hehe Look for the lad at mcd's working for the next few years :).
shouldn't take to long to figure out, bust open ms access or what ever software they use for database, limit to who got the xbox 360, who is a male, who has red hair and as emerald (i think thats hisname) would say "bam" there is your answer.. I just wanna know who took the pic of him playing, maybe the dad?
I just wanna know who took the pic of him playing, maybe the dad?

i doubt it i see no shadows in the picture probally just used the timer funtion on the camera.
mooo: not exactly. i don't think MS took record of what the guy's SON looked like. the way they will probably catch him...... probably not many of the people at MS are getting to test Xbox 360, and all they'd have to really do is find out who took theirs home...... which might even be easier to do if they actually read up on it on the websites where he posted the pics and it says that his dad "just got a job at MS". that'd probably narrow it down even more
Unwonted said:
Thats great. I'm sure someone is going to be in some trouble (secrets disclosed or not) over this. Now I wonder if the kid in the pics posted this or his friend(s) à la star wars kid? :D

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