Xbox 360 in-game screenshot?

I'm not sure about the authenticity of this, but it's supposed to be a screenshot of a game running on the upcoming Xbox 360!

Click for the full "high definition" image:

:eek: :eek: :eek:


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all i can say is daymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn. nice find, lets just HOPE that its real so we can finally get the backround to acutally have real looking people (have u ever like closely payed attention to the people in the crowd of video games? they are always in very low detail, and the ferrari looks very realistic, might start telling people i have a ferrari and porsches etc, wow u must be rich!!! nah, just have an xbox 360. btw i saw the new ferrari here in dubai its soo nice


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Lovely, but it could just be part of some FMV sequence and not a real-time in game screenshot ;) Sexy screenshot nonetheless.
bleh. to me.... it doesn't look THAT great. if anything, i'd have to agree with Grandmaster here. looks more what could be a cutscene than the actual gameplay. yeah, Xbox 360 might be pretty powerful, but i DOUBT it will look like that. that to me just seems like they took any old car racing game and made the stuff more shiny in a VERY close up shot that wouldn't even help with ANYTHING in the game..


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Does look like a FMV (render?), especially due to those pedestrains in the background. Still looks damn nice though!

That reminds me, I can probably consider racing games to have reached its climax when they can finally render crowds in real-time, with actual movements. Now that would be an achievement, if mostly pointless :)


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wouldn't surprise me. With the proposed specs for the machine, graphcs rendered to that quality shouldn't really be a problem.

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Just checked out the Quake4 and Callofduty2 footage, looks lovely.
But I won't ever buy an FPS for a console, not even if it has the word halo in it, they are not designed for em.

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