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Xbox 360 Headsets - All-in-one


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Hi all

I am currently looking into getting a new headset for my new Xbox 360, there are two reasons for this, the first being I don’t like the standard headset I find it uncomfortable and difficult to hear people, the second is when playing in the evening I have to keep the volume very low.
To solve this I have been looking at the all-in-one options which are the stereo headphones with the built in microphone and Xbox live support. The ones which have caught my eye are the Turtle beach earforce X1.

Does anybody have any experience with these headset or any others? If so I would much appreciate your advice.

Cheers :)


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Which model do you have X1 or X3 ? trying to decide what to go for..... X1 I have found for £45 where as the X3 is £75! That means the X1 is much more affordable for me and is my preffered option
The X3 is reported to have a hiss from the microphone that doesn't go away. Not seen similar reports for the X1.

I think its safe to jump for the X1. Certainly I will be looking into those next month.


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Well you have both convinced me :) Just ordered a X1 could not justify the hassle of (more) batteries and the extra cost. I can do a mini review if you like when they arrive. Of course though the X1 review won’t be interesting for Sazar if he has them already.


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I have the X1. The hiss you are talking about can be dealt with by adjusting volumes. Many people don't realise there are 2 volume controls on this device :)

They are comfortable and the voice is pretty clear from what I have heard (feedback from my friends com system on Halo3).


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Turtle beach earforce X1 - Mini Review

Hi all

I have been hassled by a guy called Thomas C, who is after some feedback for this headset, Thomas you I recommend you join OSNN it really is a great group of miss-fits ;)

Anyway onto the headset......
I am very pleased with it, out of the standard headset, the xbox wireless headset (which I have recently bought) and the X1, the X1 wins hand down for xbox live chat!

Right lets try a mini review and break this up a bit (all out of 5):

Construction 4/5

The headset is made out of all good materials and has a nice solid feel to it, all connections are of sufficient quality and there are some nice touches like the metal boom arm for the microphone. One area marked down in some of the reviews I have read is the "puck" which plugs into the xbox controller (and controls chat volume), to me it is fine and I would say comparable to the quality of the original heat set connector.
The only thing here I will mark this down on is the main volume/amplifier box, this hangs down on he wire so is awkward to 'feel' for while playing also the mute button is located here which is not very helpful.

Comfort 4/5

As I wear glasses I find the standard headset a bit of a pain, these however are very adjustable and have alot of padding so are pretty comfortable.

Sound Quality 5/5

As for sound playback you many never get two opinions the same. There is always or not enough bass/treble for some people. To me they sound fine and don't mind listening either through the speakers or through the headset.
The headphones is usb powered (so amplified) and very loud, so I never have it or the voice turned (with separate controls) up too high. Also being headphones you may find like me the stereo is more defined and therefore can help you to tell what direction someone is sneaking up on you :)
The headset scores 5 here for me due to the clear xbox live speech which comes from both ear pieces.

Overall 5

I know this does not quite add up, but i must say they have been a great investment, and hearing live clearly through both speakers and the game sounds, works brilliantly, this is also a negative as if you have some useless idiot singing to themselves on the other end as you hear them all too clearly.....

Hope this mini review was O.K. (you never know I might add pictures at some point too)



P.S. limexb360 were fine to buy them from, mind you I have had no problems with my headset to moan to them about, still they are usually much cheaper than fleabay!

P.P.S Oh forgot to say this headset is also compatible with the PC as it has both kinds of connections!

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