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XBox 360 Generations ?


I am seeing XBox 360 consoles for sale that claim they are the 2nd or even 3rd generation of 360 with fewer problems than there were when it was launched.

How do I know what generation my XBox 360 console is?


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That's sounds like a scam to me. The revisions are something that are made yearly, not something that they change every 3 months :)

On the Xbox you could tell what generation your Xbox was by looking at the DVD tray.


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I have an Xbox 720. Waiting for my 1080 to come in.

2nd generation, psshhh !!!

I gave my old ps3 to my butler the other day.


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they mean the batch, as in it was the second wave of manufacturing because a lot of the first batch had overheating problems

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I'm way ahead of you guys... I have an Xbox based on the futuristic AAA (advanced alien architecture) design :D Hey, if the technology is advanced enough to propel a UFO between galaxies, it aught to be powerful enough to play a game :D Now that's the real "space age" gaming console :laugh:

Sorry, just had to add to the levity somehow :D

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