xb2 & ps3?


I remember reading somewhere about xbox2 and ps3 using some new core system that is supposed to change the way computers are used. I can't remember who is developing it though. Was wondering if anyone else has heard about it. Supposed to be like 10x faster than what we are using today.


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i hear that i can acually walk through walls like 10x faster if i just hold me breath! hehehe no idea but im in one of those moods/
So is there a due date for these to be coming out yet? I hope they dont be stupid and keep changing the dates, i hate that when it happens...


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No offical date yet...they havent even reviled the systems yet or the specs so untill then i doubt they will. Some say the ps3 will be out in 2006.
If it dont come out until much much later, then why not just wait until it is around the time to come out. Everyone gets so happy but they learn everything about it, when the only thing is, it dont come out for a long time. So why start talking about it now?


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You might be referring to the Cell Processor Technology that Sony has? In reality though, it's too early to speculate. Unless the news comes directly from Sony or Microsoft, it really doesn't matter ... and even then it still isn't guaranteed.
I dont think either will be out untill perhaps xmas at the earliest prob begining of next year, aparently the xbox will be in three flavours basic without a HD, with a HD, and a top notch one that will have a HD but will be more of a media centre kinda thing.


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According to some of the sources at Electronic Arts (who is currently programming some of the first games for both Xbox2 and PS2) the specs for the PS2 place it well ahead of the Xbox2. There is talk that the Xbox2 is supposed to be out this fall and that the PS2 won't be out until after it. Sony has vowed they will have a working PS3 at E3 in May. The PS3 is going to have Blu-Ray technology. Rumors for XBox2 have said they will be using HD-DVD. Microsoft is also looking at stepping into the handheld market very soon, according to an interview with Bill Gates.

Here's a couple PS3 screens...


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ummm...you might want to edit your post. U said some things about ps2 and i think u ment ps3 :p.

I would like to see them step into the handheld market :).

Mafia: if u read my post it says it will be running at 4.6ghz not sure where u got 10ghz at.

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