xara webstyle

Has anyone used this graphics program? I just dl'd a trial of it but i havn't opened it yet. Just looking for any feedback good or bad. :rolleyes:
thanks in advance, frogg_mann


I use version 3.1, it's o.k. I won't be buying from Xara again.

(Off topic) I bought version 2, two months later they released it to a magazine as a free full app. I bought version 3 a year later the same thing. So on that basis I guess you have version 4 I am waiting till next year for a free version of 4.

It is low quality output, plugins into frontpage and dreamweaver (I think it plugins into) has some good roll overs, crap graphics, good for editing errors after you have created a design.

Personally I would not pay for it again.

I have Xara webstyle V3.1 and Xara 3D 5.02<--this is what is worth monies.
Ok thanks lee, I see why your not going to buy it again. That seems like awfully poor planning on xara's part. You would think they would know customers would see this and do exactly what your doing. I'll do the same thing. thanks again.
just fyi i saw below your post it had been last edited at 9:07 I thought my clock was off but i checked and synced with internet mine was the same as theres 9:04 not off by much but....you might want to check it. frogg_mann

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