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13 Feb 2005
Xandros install Problem

I am in the process of loading Xandros 4.o Home Premium right now on another machine. Does anyone have any good tips or info for Xandros?

It will be a dual boot. between XP and Xandros.


Ran into a problem. after install, reboot all I get is 07 07 07.... it just repeats til about halfway down the screen. Any Ideas?

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that error is a screwed up lilo iirc.

Xandros is just very expensive Debian/Ububtu so alot of tips are similar.
Re: Xandros Boot Issue

so the boot loader is screwed up then? Thanks Will have to look into that some othertime.

I have very very little Linux Knowledge. Can any one give me some help on what I would need to fix the boot loader.

All it does is go 07 07 07 07 07 07 07....etc until it is half way down the page. Then it stops. Any help is appreciated!!
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