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X800pro Vs 6800GT


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Which is best and why.

I was thinking of getting the X800pro, just to be different, but the reviews i've read suggest the future-ability, of this card does not match the 6800GT.

Any thoughts?
I'd have to say the 6800GT but that's becuase i've only everexperienced Nvidia cards. Both cards are good competitors, but iffrom what i've seen the GT seems to be on top still
The GT has a small edge (~10%) over the 800 Pro.

Compare the best prices you can get for a decent brand card and see which is more cost effective. The top end cards are too expensive to risk second rate manufacturers like PNY, etc to save a few bucks.


I got curious and checked. Both a little over ~$400 which means $450 with shipping, tax, etc. So the GT would probably be the better buy. With hthat kind of price tag my 9800 PRO is looking real good.


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the 6800GT has 16 pipes v/s 12 for the x800pro...

that and the fact the 6800GT has SM 3.0 support gives it a little edge in some areas, especially in pixel intensive situations
At default speeds the 6800GT is better. When overclocked the X800Pro (at XT-PE) speeds is better then the 6800GT overclocked to Ultra speeds.

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