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x64 7077 anyone?

Anyone got a torrent for 7077 x64? I can see x86 torrents all over...

Going to try the "install from a hard disk" method since I keep forgetting to order some blank DVD's....

Electronic Punk

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Not seen any x64 yet, but running 7077 x86 right now.

Been upgrading over the top since 7000 over a network share and has been fine!

Perris Calderon

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just went to best buy and laptops now support 4 gigs memory, mine only uses 3, time for me to upgrade so I can make better use of 64 bit
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:D seems it :)

I just can't settle on which version of windows to use. I've not long completed 2 XP installs and am thinking of putting 7 back on my main PC :D

That and sometimes I find a better way to organise what I do and don't need to keep around is to zero fill my disks and see what's missing :D


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i wanna do it too.. but im so lazy, gosh.. and its not like i have that much stuff on the laptop, but still


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I hate torrents, who wants to PM me a link to the latest x64 version..

edit found 7768 on newsgroups....is this ok, I can upgrade from 7000 right?


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All good still mate?
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