X2 5600+ compared to Intels...

What can I compare the AMD X2 5600+ to in Intels Lineup?

It's the AMD 780G Chipset.

It's in a Mobo/CPU bundle I'm considering getting. I don't need it for much. I'm not encoding movies or anything. Just listening to music, writing papers, etc - which is all about RAM anyway.

I've heard a bit about some AMD processors not performing well with Vista. Chipsets that don't end in a 5 or something like that. Not exactly clear on it.

As always, Thanks ahead of time.
Just as a WAG a Core 2 Duo running arounds 2.3-2.5 gigs. If all else fails pop up Sandra and pick CPU's under the benchmarks until you find the number that matches.

Have not heard of any AMD chipset issues with VISTA but havn't really paid much attention to chipsets in the last year.
Youll get better performance and less power usage (easier on the electric bill and heat generation) out of intel core 2 duo/quad hardware if you have the cash to switch over.


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I have been building computers with AMD processors for ten years now, but I have to admit Intel is the way to go if you can afford to.
I have not had any problems installing Vista on Dual & Quad core AMD processors, so it is up to you.


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I finally made the switch myself. My sig tells you what you need to know. AMD is still a good processor, but right now, Intel has more punch.