x wing alliance?



x wing alliance used to run very well on XP. now for some reason it wont load up anymore. i have tried the drivers,i have the newest 4in1's.

can anybody help,, i have reinstalled and everything else.

whats the problem.?

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My housemate in Sheffield has this game but unfortunatly I am down south - visiting the folks atm, I will give it a test next week for you...

Some games simply will not run and were not designed to run under XP, and the manufacturers refuse to support XP.

Shame with games such as The Sims which has developed a community, shame to see companies shun their users, hopefully Lucasarts are different!
What do you mean,EP?The Sims run fine on my system(it takes at least two minutes to start up,though).The only game that I can't get to run is Sim Theme Park(no great loss there!)and American Mcgee's Alice.I didn't have any problems with Counterstrike either.

Electronic Punk

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I liked Alice, a bit strange that it won't work as it is just a standard Quake3engine game...Anyway, The Sims...

The reason consoles such as the playstation work so well with such low specs is that the programmers only have to design a game knowing exactly what it will run on, meaning that a game will not stutter or have performance issues on other machines..

On the PC things are very different and configurations can be very different - making programming it very difficult.

With WindowsXP some configurations will work fine with The Sims, some will not. If it works, great! If it doesn't then Maxis have said that they will not be making an effort to patch it.
I got Alice to run,can't figure out why it wouldn't run(shrugs shoulders).One of those things.
It's sad that a big developer like Maxis would just leave all of the people who upgraded to Xp in the cold.The Sims is one of their all time best-sellers.Guess there's no profit to be made in patches-it's sad when developers start thinking like this.

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