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X-FI Card Difference


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I am looking at 2 X-FI cards.

Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer

and then

Creative X-FI Xtreme Gamer Fatal1ty Pro

What is the main difference, I am looking at the charts but I can't seem to figure out what is different besides the price. The Fatal1ty one is around $20 more then the non Fatal1ty one.


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Some crappy memory that no games except BF2 support. And why support creative? There are plenty of alternatives.
Asus Xonar D2 outperforms the X-Fi everywhere but gaming.

Its not too shabby at gaming though either. It makes music, DVD and Blu-ray HD sound far better than the X-fi does :)


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Well gaming is where I need and want the best quality stuff.

Are the prices much different? Can you get an Asus Xonar from anywhere like the Creative ones?

I also need to make sure I will be able to record gaming videos with sound.

*edit looked up the price on the D2, much more expensive.
creative doesn't offer much more than EAX 5 on the x-fi cards and very few games support it.

You will do better to get the asus now you have a blu-ray drive :)
I very much have a bad bad dislike for Creative's business practices but I also am not a fan of ASUS in the soundcard department.

I recently purchased the PCI-e X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty card and I absolutely love it. It's been great for gaming and easy to install. It's also great sounding for my audio needs in terms of music and movies. Just make sure you don't lose your installation disc. That's another thing that bugs me about Creative.

Btw, I'm not sure if Creative sells the old XtremeGamer anymore. It appears on their website that now they only sell the XtremeGamer Fatal1ty version.


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So basically, either card I will get a good deal with. It's basically opinion?

I know creative, i know the brands, I always wanted one of the newer cards. All I was asking was what the difference were between then Fatal1ty cards. Nothing amazing so I am picking up a normal Xtreme Gamer version.

I don't hear amazing HD differences in most music and sound, I have 128 MP3 files for most stuff, so obviously I am happy with that quality. The only thing that is needed, is to make sure it allows things to record sound within video, you know, recording a video of a game with sound. Other then that, quality is the same to me. Is $110CAD a good price for the X-FI Xtreme Gamer version?


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The Fatal1ty version of the cards is a marketing deal. I can't seem to find the story but I remember reading that they made a deal with Fatal1ty to use the name and paid a far amount of money for it.

I would go with the none Fatal1ty unless you have a reason to pay the extra money for the Fatal1ty version.

Now personally if I can I'm going to avoid Creative cards in the future, from what I've read some inboard soundchips are even better then Creative cards. Its your money you can get the card you want but search the out a post on here about driver support for some of the Creative cards and Vista


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I have quite the new motherboard and the onboard sound is crap, nothing great about it, and recording does not work. And I believe Creative just released new drivers for there X-FI cards did they not?
THe Asus cards sound far better than creative's x-fi. That can be proven technically. Whether you like the sound though is subjective and can't be stated either way.

For the money the Asus Xonar is the better deal since you aren't "just gaming" any more.
So how much of a difference is the Xonar and X-FI in terms of gaming?
If the game uses EAX 3, 4, or 5 then it will be noticeable. EAX 2 is distinctly different from EAX 5. ASUS claimed EAX 5 support but it's really emulation and isn't the same as the real thing. I've also read about issues with EAX 3 and the Xonar D2. The X-Fi via ALchemy under Vista has real EAX 3, 4, and 5 support while the Xonar D2 doesn't.

I respect Cmedia which is the core of the Xonar D2 card but I think for all-around use a Creative card with full EAX 5 support is better if you wish to deal with audio, video, and gaming on the same system. A person dealing with professional audio solutions shouldn't be using a Creative card to begin with, IMHO, so lets not confuse things here.

I really didn't want to buy another Creative card afer the Daniel_K fiasco but I was stuck in a bad position. I needed a good PCI-e card and my options were limited. I wanted to buy an Auzentech Prelude which is X-Fi-based but they offer no PCI-e model. So, I was stuck with the Titanium.

I have zero complaints about the Titanium thus far.
I use the Xonar D2 for gaming, music and DVD/Blu-Ray. You won't miss EAX on games really. THe card just produces amazing sound at all times :)


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Well now both sound good, and both sound like issues. Yet I can really only find a good deal on the X-FI cards, maybe not a deal but cheaper, I don't have much to spend on the Sound Card. So what 2 do lol


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if u're not really that tight on budget (otherwise get the non fat one :]) u should definitely get the titanium version, aka the pci-e one

afaik it features a lot of improvements
if your using vista steer well clear of creative as the support/drivers for it is absolute ****e!
I've dealt with a Creative X-Fi XtremeAudio, XtremeMusic, and Titanium under Vista x64 on a number of systems and had zero issues with the drivers. I've had issues with Creative drivers under XP 32-bit before but not with these cards under x64.

if u're not really that tight on budget (otherwise get the non fat one :]) u should definitely get the titanium version, aka the pci-e one

afaik it features a lot of improvements
The Titanium doesn't share the same drivers that work on nearly all the other X-Fi cards minus the low-end XtremeAudio. I've had no issues with the card since I installed it whether I'm playing Mass Effect, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, etc or doing other stuff.

The XtremeMusic is far cheaper than the Titanium and was fine for general use.

Or there's the much more reasonable, yet slightly more expensive (yet not as expensive as the Asus Xonar D2X) Auzentech X-Fi Prelude.
Had Auzentech sold a PCI-e card I would have purchased it. I believe in Q4 of 2008 or early 2009 they will be selling a PCI-e card but I just couldn't wait.

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