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13 Nov 2002
Just gone out and bought myself an X-box.
I heard you can do loads of cool things on them like watch VCD's and stuff.
Apparently you need a program called X-box Media Player to do that.
Any clue as to how to get these programs on there?

Also, somebody told me you can store entire games on these things....
Is that possible?!?!?

Oh, nearly forgot, at my mates house, I saw someone using NES emulators
on their X-box...How can I do this???

Thx in advance!!
Well, to start off, to watch a VCD or DVD you need a DVD Playback Kit. I would recommend you just get a DVD player.

You will need a modchip and a big HDD in order to store games. You will also need a modchip to run emulators like NES as you mentioned.
Like moo said, go to http://xbox-scene.com and read up! And I do not think you can play VCD's with the DVD playback kit. Also, the Xbox Media Player can only be used if you install a modchip, and you do not need to buy a DVD kit if you install a mod chip.
I think every DVD player can play a VCD... can't Xbox do that?
aaah... right:). I would rather get a DVD player than a DVD Playback kit actually. Xbox is classified as a games console and not a DVD player. ;)
and if you use cheap media get a new dvdrom also :D but xbox is a great media player and console.. get it premodded if you don't know how to put the chips on but i would suggest it over the rest.. chip gives it 1000x the power of a ps2 and gamecube once done
I used an Aladyn (sp?) mod chip for my xbox, it was $30, and a 120gig hard drive. He had told me that RPM (5400 or 7200) dont really matter for xbox, neither does ATA100/133. Go with the cheapest...I woulsd advice against doing the modding yourself the first time. At least watch someone do it first or get a VERY good guide with pics and stuff. My friend hovered over my shoulder while I modded mine and it was not easy. Hope you feel comfortable with soldering hehe
You would want to go with a 5400 RPM hdd actually... generates less heat. With all the XBOX components crammed in that little box heat becomes a big issue. If you do have a 7200 rpm that is fine, but watch your temps... you maybe even want to add an extra fan.

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