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WWF - Why????

It's moaning time - why the hell is WWF (or World Wrestling Entertainment now) still on TV? Its a total farce, and they actually have the cheek to claim that its real. I mean, if its real then they would be getting stretched out the ring and off the hospital.

The "acting" is a joke - and thats the best i can do without swearing and they spend more time bumming up the next fight than they do fighting. As for the fighting - i would call it more a way of dealing with "roid rage" than a battle.

Do people actually believe this stuff? Do any of you watch it, and why - no joke - I would actually like to know what heck people see in it.

And who the hell comes up with the costumes - my god people - have you no self respect.

Yeah, i know - turn over if you dont like it - and hey i do - but it still bugs the hell out of me.

There was a proggy on telly a while back - on Sky i think - which was basically a so you wanna be a WWF star type thing. And they got various big ass members of th epublic and trained them up with the intention of making one of them a WWF superstar. And on there they were constantly plugging the fact that its real and so on an so forth - and one guy just about had a full on roid rage at the mention of the fact that it wasnt real.

Yeah - they claim its real all right.

Perris Calderon

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my friend is a wresrler and invited me down to the coloseum to watch

amzing how they made that empty stadium looked packed on tv


well... if you paid attention to the news, you would know that the world wildlife foundation sued the world wrestling federation, and won, now, what was once known as the WWF is now known as the WWE (world wrestling entertainment) .

I find the story lines to be entertaining, but I do not take any of it seriously.


Why is any show on TV? It's entertainment, some people enjoy it, some do not. If you don't simply change the channel. That's what I do when crap like Survivor is on.


I'm sorry Hal...
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Its just as bad as any other soap on TV (and thats all it is) only with better acting and less violence than most.


I remember this from when I was a kid. Not even at that point did I find it entertaining or vaguely realistic.

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