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wtf is wrong with winxp?


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i just installed a fresh copy of xp pro on this pc:

P4 3.0 Ghz 800 Mhz FSB
512 DDR Ram
80 Gb WD HD (2 partitions: 1x30gb 1x50gb)
Broadband DSL
17' TFT Samsung Syncmaster 171N Monitor

and its not loading properly.....at all.
u know how in slow winxp pc's (or win2k) u see a grey bar with black stripes that shows its loading? well, this one also has it...except that it takes like 5 minutes to actually get to that stage. once it finally gets to the bars, it takes like 3 min to load all of them. it then proceeds to the winxp boot screen, where it takes around 5 min to load and get to the logon screen.

now, i dont find this normal at all, being a pretty fast rig. the rig in my sig is faster than this one, it takes like 30 secs to load, where this one takes like 13 min to only get to the user logon screen.

i dont know what to do with this...ive tried bootvis and defragging and it takes care of the problem for like a day. i defrag it and it goes back to normal boot speed. right the next day, i analyze the HD for fragmentation (with diskeeper) and its fragmented as hell, from one day to another!

i applied some regedits, but the usual ones like the secondleveldatacache (512 kb) and the ntfsdisablelastaccessupdate. i also disabled some services, which i am 150% sure i can disable (one being the wifi zero config).

i noticed that the problem arised when i installed Norton AV 2002 and updated everything with the LiveUpdate util. i uninstalled it using every util available (since its a real pain in the ass to uninstall) but the system is still slow.

any suggestions on what to do?

ive considered reinstalling everything since its brand new, but thats kind of a hassle...




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It sounds like a driver error, does it boot quickly into safe mode?

the L2Cache reg tweak is useless.


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it boots a lot quicker into safe mode than into normal mode, yes. is there anyway to see at what point it gets stuck loading a driver? (if its actually a driver)


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You could try disconnecting everything but your keyboard and mouse and then boot up. If everything boots quickly, then plug in a hardware item one at a time until the problem occurs again. Hopefully this will help you narrow down the problem driver.
yea like MUZIKOOL said boot the sys with just a hdd and video and turn a lot of features off on the mobo in the bios see if it works, then go one by one
First a question - did the windows install go at normal speed from the CD? I've had them go super slow and it turned out to be a flaky CD drive. The install was then corrupted when I tried to boot. Similar symptoms.

After you try what Muzikool suggested and if nothing shows up:

-Make sure the clock, multiplier, ram speed are set right for the CPU.
-Make sure the HD is set properly (UDMA 5, auto detect, etc.)
- Disable the internet for a check. It could delay boot if it was having trouble negotiating the connection
- Make sure the thermal is ok on the CPU. P4's will self underclock if they get too hot.

--If settings are ok verify the HD in another PC (just as a slave) copy massive files to it (videos are good) and then try and access them. This will verify if the drive has read/write problems. Or run the Sandra Disk burn in.

--Also I think there is a verify install option on the windows CD somewhere. Run that. Something may have gotten corrupted in the install.

-Finally, ditch Norton "everything" I have had nothing but stability problems with the Norton products. Use AVG, Zonealarm and PerfectDisk.

That's all I can think of right now.

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