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wtf.. drives gone?


I was playing UT i swear not 3days ago, and now both my cd/dvd drives are gone. In device manager they have the "!" in front of it but i did nothing in the past few days when i last used them. I can't reinstall because the drive is not reconizable.. this is some messed up stuff

any idea on what i can do?

wow my bro's dropped last week too, only one that works is his external drive. very very odd.

anyone else have the problem?


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I had a problem where my DVD/CD drives started acting weird. Loading slow, jittery playback on DVD. I notice that the drives were using PIO mode, not DMA like they used to. Both drives are on the Secondary IDE Channel. To fix it I tried uninstalling the Secondary IDE Channel, rebooted. Detected everything and back to normal.



i just took screenshot of error it says

"Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device."

not sure on what this means any idea on how to fix this?



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That is odd ... perhaps they are both dead? Only problem w/ that is how did they die would almost have to point at a dieing PSU. :/


well i can open them and all, and bro has the same problem.. friend told me to uninstall.. unplug and reboot, then plug back in. going to try it.

edit:: nope it didn't work :( any other ideas?


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Well its odd that you would both have the same issue. That makes me wonder about possible virus of some sort or bad outlet? Do the 2 of you share network/power outlet?


nope, we share nothing, it happened to a girl i know in NY also. (posted about it like last week but now i know first hand on what is happeneing :-( ) friend speculated a virus also but i don't think bro has downloaded anything that i have ( i have only installed new itunes, ipod update, and watched a video i downloading so that might be it.) but yea i am lost.


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i would try replacing the ide ribbon i have had those go out before, so no apparent reason. make sure they are 80wire ones. i would then let the system start up without the drives hooked up, reboot with them hooked up. let windows try and fix it itself.


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Take the TDK drive out and put it into another computer and see if it reads and works. Not your brother's :p since his went belly up also. But I have mine set to UDMA also.

I have the 16/10/40x model. I did a firmware upgrade to it a while back. But you need to make it work first.

One question, how long were you playing UT? Was it an all-nighter? :D Ya could have just fried it.


na just played an assault lvl before work on thursday or friday (that was last time i used drive). And the only thing i can think of that has happened since this was on saturday-sunday someone seem'd to packet my connection because i culdn't ping anything without timing out. So i shutdown the computer and modem for a little while that, that was the last time till i realized they drives were messed up.

also in bios it reconizes the drives, and i can put in a bootable cd and it reconizes it also and boots from it. so its a windows only issure as far as i can tell now. is there a way i can check my registry?


i am about to head out to work but that looks like it might be the problem fixer :p will know more when i get home tonight, thanks :)


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no it doesnt, but it lets you still play the game.

you might check however, that your ide channels are still enabled in the bios.

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