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WSUS Build 2 - Clients not showing


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Hey all, been searching through the posts and haven't been able to find the answer to my problem, here we go:

Installed WSUS 2 today on a Win2k3 server with SP1. SQL 2000 sp3a, enabled nested scripting and all.
Admin interface works fine, I can (and have) downloaded all the updates to the WSUS server.
The server is part of a domain, but not a domain controller.
I created a new GPO with the settings I wanted for the Automatic Updates in the Computer Settings portion (as it specifies) and linked it to an OU full of computers for testing.
I ran RSoP on the OU and the policy changes show up in RSoP
I ran grupdate /force on the domain controller (I have 2 in the network, ran it on both for good measure).
Logged into one of the Systems, everything seemed copesetic.
Went back to the WSUS server, opened the management console and it is still saying that there are no clients.

Only thing I haven't tried is rebooting the server that I have applied the group policy to. I would rather not reboot it (and don't feel like I need to). All the computers communciate with each other through DNS.

Only thing I find weird, and I don't know if this is wrong or not, is that when I put http://wsusserver into a browser it states it is "under construction"... but I assume that is correct since http://wsusserver/WSUSAdmin works just fine.

I hope I gave you all enough information. Suggestions welcome.



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"http://wsusserver" won't work and that is the result you should see.

Please list your group policy settings.


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Setting State GPO Name
Configure Automatic Updates Enabled WSUS Policy
Specify intranet Microsoft update service location Enabled WSUS Policy
Reschedule Automatic Updates scheduled installations Disabled WSUS Policy
No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations Enabled WSUS Policy
Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation Enabled WSUS Policy
Do not display 'Install Updates and Shut Down' option in Shut Down Windows dialog box Enabled WSUS Policy
Do not adjust default option to 'Install Updates and Shut Down' in Shut Down Windows dialog box Enabled WSUS Policy

I have the "Specify Intranet Microsoft Update service Location" fields both set to http://dsstorage


OSNN One Post Wonder
Nevermind. All my client miraculously showed this morning.

I suspect what happened was the Domain controller I was making the GPO settings on was not the Domain controller that the Computer was syncing to and that FRS hadn't replicated the policy to the other servers. Yippee.

Thanks for the help.


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The computers won't show up in SUS immediatly.. it does take some time before they show up.

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