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Hi all
A computer i built has a funny intermittent error, sometimes when you start the computer the writing on the screen is all garbled/corrupt and even when the computer boots to the desktop everything all corrupt.

any ideas what could be causing this. would it be a corrupt bios on the motherboard.

as this computer is for somebody else i was thinking it would be better to change the motherboard as it would be better than doing a format and reinstalling ever thing just for the same thing to happen again, then have to change the motherboard.



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This is fresh in my mind because about two weeks ago someone came to my desk and said this ....

"I need you to come right now, I have someone on the phone and my computer just died. Out of frustration, I kicked it, but it wouldn't turn back on."

I took a second to gather myself, try not to laugh in her face, went over and fixed it. Part of the solution (not the power-related part), was that her video was all fubar after I had it going again. She actually knocked the video card out of the slot a little :p

However, that's not as bad as it may sound, as it was a Dell that uses that plastic green bar as a holder for the PCI/AGP cards ;)

EDIT: Not saying the card was "kicked" here, but just pointing out that if it is loose, you may see those symptoms.


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Don't forget that most instructions say "Press Firmly untill you hear two snaps" :D

Gotta love weekend warriors.


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Sorry i have not replied but had to go in hospital for a few days, I ate a daffodil bulb mistakenly thinking it was a onion, but i'm ok now the doctors said i would be out in the spring.

ho-ho-ho :)

I forgot to say in my post that the computer has on-board graphics, so theres no chance of the G/Card coming lose.

I have also tried removing the graphic drivers and reinstalling them and also updating to the latest ones which are WHQL Certified.

The guy just phoned me tonight and it has be ok for a couple of days then today when he switched it on the screen was all fuzzy and corrupt again, (his words) he had to switch it of and on again three times until it was ok.

i think it must be the bios, or the graphics chip thats having that time of life thingy, be it very much to soon.

what do you think, do you think it;s time to ditch the motherboard.

your comments are much appreciated

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