.wps Files

I think that’s a Microsoft Works file if it is and you don’t have Works then you will need a converter like this one to view it in word.

I don't understand that, thats part of office isn't it....or at least the same suite, why can word read it...

I found a viewer for it.....but it's called Corel Wordperfect viewer, will that work?
I don’t know if the Corel Wordperfect viewer will view it or not. But Microsoft “Works suite” is different than what comes with Office “Word”… Works Suite…Office Word.

Works Suite
Oh well thats weird, I tryed out the viewer and it dosen't work with it.

I'm downloading the converter now, Thanks.
open the file in a text editor - should be easy enought to see what will open it in the first chunks of readable text :)

Edit: though I believe its a wordperfect file, if I remember right works used .wks but its been 10 yesrs or so since Iused works suite :)
^^^^ .wks is actually a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet file, which will open in Excel without issue.

.wps is from Microsoft Works, which never was or will be part of the Office Suite. Basically it's a cheaper package than Office, comes pre-installed on many machinese these days. Either that or a useless 30-90 day trial of Office.

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