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.wps Files

bush dogg

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I think that’s a Microsoft Works file if it is and you don’t have Works then you will need a converter like this one to view it in word.



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I don't understand that, thats part of office isn't it....or at least the same suite, why can word read it...

I found a viewer for it.....but it's called Corel Wordperfect viewer, will that work?

bush dogg

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I don’t know if the Corel Wordperfect viewer will view it or not. But Microsoft “Works suite” is different than what comes with Office “Word”… Works Suite…Office Word.

Works Suite


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Oh well thats weird, I tryed out the viewer and it dosen't work with it.

I'm downloading the converter now, Thanks.
open the file in a text editor - should be easy enought to see what will open it in the first chunks of readable text :)

Edit: though I believe its a wordperfect file, if I remember right works used .wks but its been 10 yesrs or so since Iused works suite :)


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^^^^ .wks is actually a Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet file, which will open in Excel without issue.

.wps is from Microsoft Works, which never was or will be part of the Office Suite. Basically it's a cheaper package than Office, comes pre-installed on many machinese these days. Either that or a useless 30-90 day trial of Office.

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