WOW! this so made my day hardive warranty


Blame me for the RAZR's
as many of you might remember i had some bad luck weith a psu killing hardrives. well one of the drives it killed wa sa WD 120 gig. And at time of death it was out of warranty... BUT!!!! WD recently expanded there warranty's on all there drives and now its back in warranty lol so.. Im RMAing it... this so made my day who cant use a new 120 gig hehe. Putting me at a total of 720 gigs! yah!

so check your warrantys.


Blame me for the RAZR's
indeed 90 bucks coming in in merch hehe. makes my serve go from 100-220 (in imagination world stupid conversion hehe)


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Western Digital is good with HD returns and or repairs anyways. I sent them an old HD from 1995, they contacted me asking if anything was on it, i said no, asked me for the origional receipt, which i did not have, and the lady said "Is it important to get a new one", i say "no", so she says "Well, would you like a new one, we have a few lying around according to this" *typing in background*, all i need is a shipping address (I had forgotten to attach it). Gave it to her, and she said i would get one within a few weeks.

Few weeks later Fedex has a package for me with a brandnew WD HD. Same model number. Worked like a charm as well :D


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Wow, Rep points for you straycoz, I didn't know it but with their new plicy I have 15 days of warentee time now on my dead HDD!!! YEA!!!


Blame me for the RAZR's
i think they took it to 4 years. something about quality of there product.. but i tell you what i may have had 3 of them die on me (PSU) but im gona keep buying them. i mean this is ther 3rd iv rma'd and they are really great about it.

thanks for the rep btw. hehe


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I must be doing something wrong. 15 years using WD drives and I never had one die on me. I have some 4 gig drives I still pull out and use for "play time". I threw away the ones under a gig.


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I only had one die on me, and it was a refurbished drive that I had gotten for free. Even then, I was able to use inexpensive recovery software to remove all the data from it.


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