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I just got WOW, and I am playing as a Undead Rouge, im at level 8 and im trying to do all these quests, but cant because there are hunderds of these guys that I need to kill, and if i kill them one by one, they just come back..

wtf, why is it so hard.....pissing me off frig is there a trick to this?

do I have to do things with people or something or what


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Even if they respawn it still contributes to your quota. It is easier if you can group up and do it though.


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I know that, but shouldn't I be able to easily finish the certain quests?

They can't possibly make you play the game with groups.


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Haven't done WOW yet but usually in RPGs you can create or join with AI characters. Use them as cannon fodder to get past tough quests.

Games have been trending towards forcing group play to teach cooperation and team values to the kids, as opposed to just hacking up your enemies... Political correctness is even infiltrating the fantasy words now. :(


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You generally can't join up with AI characters in WoW, only in very exceptional circumstances usually. Unless the quest is marked as a [Group] quest, you should be able to solo it. If it's in green text, then you should be able to solo it very easily. If it's yellow, you should be able to do it with a bit of thought. If it's red, you will generally struggle to solo it and you should wait a level or two before trying, or perhaps use a group.

One of the things I don't like about WoW is that everything respawns but there's nothing you can do about it and it's kind of inherent in a MMORPG. Just don't hang around too long and you should avoid it most of the time.

Good luck!

If you're really struggling on a green or yellow non-group quest then you've probably overlooked something as it should be quite straightforward.


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Another WOW question

I have been playing for 4 days on a Trial game.

I go to my account information, and they have an upgrade option to a normal account.

It tells me to enter my cd key, so should I go buy the retail game, or a time card or what would be best?
You can back up your WoW folder to a DVD if you want, plus the install times from the original CDs/DVDs + patching takes FOREVER. I think the time cards only work with full accounts, but I could be wrong.


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I second that Installing/Patching takes ages. I just installed retail 1.0 last week which takes a while on its own then downloaded over 1.5 GB of updates... took over three hours for the whole process to finish.

Also, I don't think you can use a time card with a trial account. At this point you don't own the rights to play the game beyond the standard trial time, so I would buy retail. Once you enter the key you will get one month of free game time from the start. Thats how I did it, 10 day trial + 30 days free + Various free days added to account for server downtime, but that was over two years ago when the game first came out and the servers where struggling with all the people playing.


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Alright, good to know. I will get the retail version and enter the key for it.

Thanks guys, once again.


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Most outdoor quests can almost always be done alone ... even the elite ones. Pace yourself ... it gets easier as you get new skills. If pacing doesn't work, play a class that has an easier time soloing. I've played almost every class and have 3 70s, a warlock, a druid, and a rogue ... a warlock being my main, I find it so much easier soloing almost everything in the outdoor world.

Also, if you upgrade, I believe you can download the entire game from Blizzard. I know you can do that with Burning Crusade. I haven't looked at my original CDs in the past few installs I've done. I kinda wish they just have something similar to Steam to make things so much easier.
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