Would you sell your soul for the best computer in your lifetime?



I was just curious if people would do that...

I probably would..

But then again, I am the Dark Advocate..:D

(This is just a joke don't take this seriously or bible bash me in submission plz..)

i voted yes, DUH, who cares about ur soul....if i find that u need ur soul to live, or breath properly, maybe i wouldn't..but till then...YES
Gotta have a soul to sell in the first place, now where's that u beaut puter I want??? :D


After any unit has been completely assembled, extra components will be found on the bench.
Naw, but i'd use your soul - but that would probably get me stuck with an old 386.
You Misunderstand me

I was meaning that if you sold your soul, you would get the best computer that you would see in your lifetime, i.e a computer that was out just before you died in 20xx so like a P(if pentiums are still around) 50Phz with an exabyte of ram and stuff...

i mean Really really really fast, no need to update...

sorry for any confusion.
A Soul out...

Ok, I will keep my soul man because like the "Soul Man" himself, I also build my own computers and by the time Intel has P20 out I probably won't be around to see it or just be to old to care.

But I certainly want to be around a lot longer and see how far computers get before my body and soul part company.

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

Imagine the tech support calls:

"Hello Activision tech support"
"Yes, I try loading Return to Castle Wolfenstein on my machine and it goes too fast for me. Are their any patches to slow down the gameplay?"
"What are the dimensions of your system?"
"Ohh a Pentium X 50GHZ with 10 TB of RD Ram running on Windows XP^30"
heh... hmm.. wonder what the tech support website/forum/irc chat would be like ?


P.S. will never be as good as this one guaranteed:) - unless it has the same staff + members behind it :D
I already did it about 2.5 years ago with my Athlon 600, seems Satan hasn't kept his part of the bargain by updating it ... the cheeky devil.
You'd think he'd overclock it so that your area is as hot as his lair..LOL.
My friend owns like 10 people's souls. He bet them their soul and won.
Only if mine would be the best machine around and I could put everyone else down to a cyrix chip and they not be able to upgrade, ever.

Hmm, but then I'd never have anyone to play Quake with :D
everyone WILL grow old to see a P50 (or something)... 50 GHz or something... you know technology these days... we're already on P4, as hot as the sun (though not as hot as satan's lair, heheh)

computers become obsolete, exactly 1 second after you buy it... selling your soul would mean your soul becomes obsolete 1000 milliseconds after you buy your BEST computer.

and, correct me if i'm wrong... i think windows XP would be too obsolete to run on a 50 GHz machine... heheh PC-DOS would do better... heheheh :D
If you really do have a soul, then I wouldn't suggest selling it. You might end up needing it. That would be like going snowboarding in your underware without a board.. not much fun
i wonder... how many souls must be sold to buy computers in the age of quantum computing. have you heard it yet? they say they can fit molecular-sized transistors into a processor that can fit through the eye of a needle... and thousands of times faster than any of the present-day processors.

hmmm... i think you don't need underwares on that one... hehehehe... and i don't need one either... i don't have a soul in the first place... i guess i'd buy one first :D

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