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would this be suitable to run passively?


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debating whether or not i want to try running my A64 X2 3800+ passively or not. using a CNPS9500 AM2, and have a Aerocool Xtreme Turbine 120mm fan in the rear of the case, and the 120mm PSU fan. was just playing HL2DM for a little while, and it appears that the highest it got was 49C. i might try again later for a bit longer of a time period, but was just wondering from that little test if it would still be fine to run passive.

is there any better app to record CPU temps, and maybe even GPU temps too? i used to be able to use Motherboard monitor with my A8N-SLI Premium, and have it display the highest temp both the CPU and GPU's reached..... but don't think anybody made a plugin for it yet for NForce 500 motherboards.

edit: oh..... and at idle.... there's no difference in temp whether i have the 92mm fan on the CNPS on or not. either way it idles around 30-32. right now after closing HL2DM though.... it doesn't seem to want to go lower than 35c..... but i highly doubt that even 49C is too hot for the CPU.


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49c is a tad high, although its more than a safe temp. Its up to you if you want to run that cpu that high though, personally I would atleast throw a low speed low noise HSF no there, as I am sure you wont hear it and it will help a tad.

As for GPU temps, you can use NvMonitor to monitor CPU temps, GPU temps (Nvidia only I think.. not sure though) and various other information. Its pretty much Asus Probe with a different GUI and some extra info.


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well..... have a Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 on it....... can't get much more low speed, low noise than that. probably would help noise wise if i had a completely solid piece of acrylic on the side panel.... but the one that comes with the Ultra Aluminus case's has a hole for a CPU funnel, and a wide opening near the video cards..... supposedly to help cooling.... but i don't think they make a difference at all. might have to pick up a sheet of acrylic when i'm down in Allentown probably on Thursday..... get that useless crap off the side of the case.
slap the back of a note pad over the holes to see if the solid acrylic will make a difference.

With the zalman fanmate set for minimum speed the 22dba noice should be nearly inaudible and well eblow video and case fans.

Plan B would be to funnel the rear case fan up to the zalman and try that without the zalman fan. risky.


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.....risky? it already runs quite fine without the fan..... why would it be risky to make a funnel to the 120mm? if anything it's more risky NOT to. sadly i have no idea how i'd make a funnel to go between the two.

and yeah... it is pretty close to inaudible..... but the fan kinda annoy's me. yeah.... i've only got one other LED fan in my case..... but it's blue..... and the CNPS's fan is green. rather interesting effect.... but i'd kinda rather have it be one color or the other. or even if the LED's on the CNPS were a bit brighter, so it'd seem like my case's color is split down the middle..... but the LED's are dim as hell. the only option i'd have at that point to get the same effect would be getting a green cold cathode and a blue cold cathode. either that, or get a laser led kit, and try to swap out the LED's or somethin so that they project to the right sides..... or maybe that one thing that i think Sunbeam makes.... where you can change the color of the LED's separately.... think it comes in a kit of 4 LED's.....
ok forget risky. I didn't know it was off already.

The LED's are probably dim from running them at reduced voltage (do they get brighter when the fan is running at high speed?) If so you might be able to disconnect the fan motor wire and leave the LEDs connected at full bright. Sometimes the wires to the fan are accessible near the hub.

Fan bezzle - cardboard (notepad back), scotch tape and then some sticky shelf paper on the outside for cosmetics. They use plastic in the real ones but it's hard to find flexible, thin sheets to work with. A large paper roll center like from wrapping paper might work well also.

Annoying sounds - it's not the level as much as the frequency (electric drums drive me up the wall). Have you tried varying the fan speed and see if it has a les annoying frequency.

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