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would leave PC on 24/7 Saved my mic port on Audigy 2


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I'm wondering if I had left this PC on 24/7, would my mic port still work on my Audigy 2 Platinum? or was there no way of preventing that from going? I just hope my onboard sound one doesn't go in a few weeks now..since then I'll be sol, and will have to get a new case/motherboard.

I just want my mic to work all the time, when I want to use it. I don't want to get surprised with it dead.



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wait if u had the onboard one working the audigy wouldnt, and i wouls think that it would stay on anyways


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I only enabled onboard since the Audigy 2 Platinum Mic port wasn't working, and I needed to use mic in a hurry. Audigy 2 has been in same PCI Slot since I got the PC, then one day I discovered the mic port wasn't working. So I had to hurry and get onboard working, so I'd have a microphone working. (I doubt it would help moving it to another PCI Slot, since the card's been in since October of 2003, in that same PCI Slot) but I'm willing to try moving it to another PCI Slot, I don't leave PC on 24/7, I shuttdown everynight before i go to sleep


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The answer to your question would be no. And here's a funny coincidence why...my mic port just died a few days ago and I leave my pc on 24/7. I rarely use the mic port...only to run guitar tuning software and sometimes guitar fx software...maybe 1 or 2 times a week. My sound card was a "Live" tho, not an Audigy.


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Well I guess no use in moving card to new PCI slot then, and just use onboard sound for now, until I can afford a new Creative card, or stick with onboard sound forever.

I only used my mic maybe 1-3 times a month, not over used(unlike my speakers that were ran everyday, for about 12 hours a day) I'm not sure why mic ports go, but it sure is a pain, especially when I wanted to use that night, and can't remove Audigy 2 Card, and Audigy 2 Drive bay thingy, since shop didn't give the PCI Slot covers back or the bezel thing. So I guess the card will just waste space, and be useless now.
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The pci blanking plates and bezel panels are more for aesthetics than anything else you can leave big holes if you want - just doesnt look nice.


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Well I think I'll just use my onboard sound, and maybe get new case as well..since I don't like the idea of leaving openings in this case for dust to get in, I do game, but I don't know if I"m a hardcore gamer, lately I've been spending more time chatting/using webcam/microphone, listening to music than anything else.

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