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would ff7 work under xp?



Does final fantasy 7 work under xp? my ps version is damaged so i thought about gettin the pc vers. also what is best specs to play it?

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I think I tried it, and even with the latest version I don't think I was getting anywhere.. not gonna play is in software mode :S

Someone nicked my FF8 too, the bugger.


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Yea u could play FF 7 on ur comp, if u finish installing it, click start, program, and select FF 7, and u see the FF 7 game right? Then u right click on the FF 7 then click on properties, then compatability tab, then click on run as Windows 95 or 98 or Windows 2000/ME. Then u can run the game.

Electronic Punk

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The setup application had problems finding old technologies required for the hardware version.

I guess my GF just can't do triangles!!


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I would suggest installing FF7 in compatibility mode as I've found that most games will work better that way. I only a suggestion.
FF7 does work in XP, but I have found it crashes on my system during two points of the game: The chocobo races and one other spot that I cannot remember.

I had to install FF7 on a 98 machine, restore the save file, play past the "bad" part, save the game, then restore that save file on my XP machine to continue. What a pain! Thats why I keep a win98 partition for situations like that.

Oh, and compatibility mode didn't help in my case.

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