Worthwhile to upgrade Duron to AthlonXP?



I have one system running a fcpga PIII 750 on an AOpen AX3SP mobo using an Intel 815EP chipset.

I also have a socket a Duron 950 running on a Biostar M7VIG mobo using a VIA KM266 / VT8233A chipset.

Right now the PIII system is my main system that I do most of my work and play on. The Duron system I use as a backup windows system that also dual boots linux.

Anyhow, I was wondering if upgrading my Duron processor to an Athlon XP 1800 Thoroughbred processor, assuming all other things being equal, would make that system's performance alot better than the PIII 750 system.

If the performance would be alot better than the PIII, I would consider it worthwhile to get the new processor and make the athlon system my primary system.

Both systems are using PC133 SDRAM, not DDR on the M7VIG.

Any opinions? Just wondering if it's worthwhile upgrading to the Athlon XP under these circumstances.



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When it came time for me to chose my next step in my computer setup, because of CPU price, I upgraded the to XP, because upgrading the CPU on my 733PIII upto 1033PIII was too expensive for a 4% performance gain. Sounds like you are in the same boat. If your Athalon MOBO can take, put the fastest cpu you can on it, it still turns out cheaper than a PIII upgrade.



Thanks for the input.

I'm not looking to upgrade my PIII system at all though.

My main question is, if I upgrade the Duron 950 system to an AthlonXP 1800 (it's the right price for me right now) would the AMD system's performance be notably better than my current PIII 750 system?

Cause if it would end up performing alot better (assuming all other things were equal) then I would make it my primary system.
If the performance would not be all that significant, then I would keep my PIII as my primary system and not even bother upgrading the AMD system since it would stay as my backup computer.

So if the performance gain would be significant over my PIII I would bother upgrading, if not, I would just stay pat.



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I'm surprised you find your P III 750 system faster than the 950 Duron.

I have a P III at work and it's pathetic. My Duron 700 at home is noticably faster than the 633 P III at work. The Duron is using 133 SDRAM 256 Megs. Not sure what the P III at work is using it's either 128 or 256 Meg SDRAM 133.

My "real" machine at home is an old Athlon 1.33 gig (not XP). And it blows the socks off of the other 2 machines.

IF you have 256 meg ram definitely go for a XP 1700-1800.

If you only have 128 of ram upgrade the ram to 256 first (either machine). PC133 128 DIMMS are almost free now.

If you can swing both, bring the duron up to 256 of ram and an XP1700.

You will not be disappointed!


Thanks again for the input.

Both my PIII 750 system and my Duron 950 system are using 512mb of PC133 ram.

I was considering the upgrade to the AthlonXP 1800 cause the M7VIG mobo my Duron is on is newer than my AOpen AX3SP running my PIII and capable of ATA133 as opposed to only ATA100 for the AOpen.

I figured that if the upgrade to an AthlonXP would significantly increase performance, it would be better to do it and use the system with the newer mobo as my main one.



Just make sure that your motherboard can handle an Athlon XP1800+. If the mobo cant clock high enough than the processor wil run at a much lower speed than normal, like 1.2ghz instead of around 1.55ghz.



According the the specs the mobo can handle AthlonXPs up to like 2600 or 2800 fsb 266

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I had a duron 1100 and was happy with it running on 512mb pc133 ram

I have an athlon 1800+ and it blows the duron away big time ...

I am sure that the Athlon 1800+ will make that pIII look like a POS .....
it will leave your PIII system in the dust.... i think that duron might be even better as well.... if it isnt, somethings wrong! the fact that you use pc133 will also bring your performance down a notch... still the 1800+ will really boost your pc. You never told us the other specs such as HD and amount of RAM... these will also be LARGE factors in your systems performance....


Thanks for all the input guys.

Both systems are running with 512mb of pc133 ram.

As for the other components, it doesn't really matter since I will move the faster/newer components to the system that will be able to make better use of them.

That's why I wanted to know how the performance of an AthlonXP 1800 would compare to a PIII 750 with all other things being equal.

I know that running PC133 ram will slow the system down a notch, but I'm not really in the market for a DDRram upgrade right now. Maybe a few months down the line I'll have the money to upgrade that too.

Right now I was just looking at the processor upgrade.


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