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I was round a mates earlier, and he had dug out his old Pentium 133, 16 MB Ram, 500MB HDD (lol). After reading a few posts about people's high spec pc's, I was wondering who has the worst system that they actually still use regularly ? Now there's a chance for those who are, shall we say, less well endowed in the pc department, to have their moment of glory :D
I worked at a place that still had a 33mhz, running Win3.1...
I set up some 33Mhz, with 8MB Ram and 200MB hard drives running Win 3.1 at my high school's writing center a few years ago. I visited last a few months ago, and they still have them running along with a nice copy of Office 95 for students wishing to use Word.

The rest of the computers are macs. I forgot the model numbers, but they are the ones that look like a monitor sitting on a set-top box with only a floppy drive.

I had a 486DX2-66 with 4MB of RAM and a 420MB drive last year. I traded it for 2 packs of Camel Lights.
"I had a 486DX2-66 with 4MB of RAM and a 420MB drive last year. I traded it for 2 packs of Camel Lights."

Lol, 2 packs, was he stupid or what ? I would have only given 1 pack , and possibly a box of matches if pushed ;)
He had to have been stupid, or desperate for a paperweight. The 2x CD-ROM didn't work, and neither did the floppy drive. Oh yeah, it was also a Packard Bell.
I still have my mombo and 486DX 33 MHz processor. Fist comuter I ever used. My dad bought it for workstations and it was top of the line at the time with a whoping 4 MB of ram and a 220 MB hard drive. Those were the days. It could render an image in few minutes that the profetional CAD workstations at work would take half an hour to do.

I upgraded to a AMD 586 133, Pentium 133, AMD K6 200 and an AMD K6-3 366, all with the same computer case, diferent motherboard and hardware though. I copied the data from the old HD to a partition of one of my current drives as those old programs are still quite nice in dos. Now I have a new case, but I still use the very same flopy drive from so long ago and the old AT case is still quite functional. Talk about a good product lifetime.
I still have a Macintosh Classic works great
CPU speed: 8 Mhz
motherboard RAM: 1 MB
maximum RAM: 4MB
ROM: 512 k
bus speed: 8 Mhz
Floppy: 1.4 MB SuperDrive
HD: 40 MB
Monitor: 1 bit (Black & White) 512x342
Sound Output: mono 8 bit

and 2 Mac LC's both still work
CPU speed: 16 Mhz
motherboard RAM: 2 MB
maximum RAM: 10 MB
ROM: 512 k
bus speed: 16 Mhz
Floppy: 1.44 MB SuperDrive
HD: 40-80 MB
Display: 4-bit (16 color) at 640x480 or 8-bit (256 color) at 640x400
Sound Output: mono 8 bit (built-in speaker)
still got a amstrad 286 running
8mhz i think it is?
cant remember.
stays in loft and i only turn it on when i need to as its uptime on win3.0 is very bad :)
use it to play mainly pacman (the classic one)

never been formatted either, running the same 30mb harddisk, with the same 5 1/4 fdd and factory win3.0
I have piled in the basement:

8Mhz IBM 286 - dont know anytihng else bout this one)

Apple IIe - Monochrome green CRT monitor, dual 5.25 floppy drives.

Macintosh Plus - 8MHz 68000, External SCSI Hard Drive, ImageWriter Dot Matrix Printer

Macintosh Performa 6116CD - 60MHz PowerPC 601 (the first mac to use a PPC chip, was top of the line when i got it in '94), Color StyleWriter Inkjet printer, 14" AppleScan monitor

I have a old 8086 Toshiba "laptop":

-It is like 3 times the size/wight of a modern latop
-no hard disk (just 720k floppies)
-4.77Mhz (yes they used to measure to 2 decimal places back then)
-512k RAM (1/2 a meg)
-DOS 3.0
-Modem: 2400 baud (0.24 k/sec)

It costed something like $10,000 when the company I got it from first purchased it.

AND, I found a use for it - It serves a good purpose for configuring car computers via the serial port. It will probably out live my current system. LOL.

I also have a pentium 75 That works perfectly well as an Internet server (I know someone that uses a 386 for the job).

And a 486 that serves as a stereo playing MP3's over the network in DOS :p
Toshiba Satelite Pro Laptop
40mb Ram
700Mb Hd
4x Cdrom
Still runs like a champ !!
My father still have a working old computer , 3000$ CAN in 1984

Tandy 1000
1.77 mhz
40mb hd
2 5¼ floppies
640k ram
roaming in the lof tmore i actually found something even older than my 286 there

im not sure if its a pc or a laptop
the brand on it is 'hyperion'
it has no harddisk, 2x5 1/4 fdd drives and what looks like a 4 or 5" screen
its all built into one another
the keyboard slides out under the screen and drives
has a handle at the top too so im guessing its a laptop
the screen has green text

doesnt work for anything but one game called circus which runs of that 5/14 drive

weird thing but i never did and still havnt found out what the purpose was of that machine
if thats to me...
believe it or not, it IS ibm compatible!
hehe ok thats a good one

I like the "im guessing its a laptop" It's a bit like that with mine(hence the "laptop") :)

I just remembered another pc I had. It was an Amstrad; also an 8086 4.77Mhz. It had an external battery compartment (just like a walkman) to put AA's in to keep the BIOS/clock settings :eek:
lol yup
the 2286= you had to turn over and store 4xaa batteries
it would run out after 2months or so

heh this brings back so much memories
i'm thinking of roaming some garage sales here to find something like a 286 or 386 to put dos on it, just to do a little relearning and playing around... i think they (older pc's) have some purpose... and they are good door stops too :D

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