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Worst movie to game EVER.


Secret Goat Fetish
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wow great graphics :D Best movie ---> game a have recently seen has to be the great escape, it totaly rocks :cool:


OSNN Advanced
I think you forgot to mention Titanic... :p
I don't know what the heck that game was about, but I've seen it very briefly.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
as long as I'll be able to punch someone in the crotch I will be happy...not enough of that in games today
"In the underground world of Fight Club, the fight isn't over until someone goes limp, taps out, or is beaten. Immerse yourself in this gritty, visceral world of bare-knuckle fighting with action, story elements and environments true to the Fight Club film. The extreme realism of the game will make you feel every punch and kick by delivering shocking visuals, untraditional moves, and special effects in fully interactive environments."

What a doozer of a description (on the website).

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