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:( worst day in my life...

My condolences on your loss mate :(.

Offtopic: Is it normal for news-sources to put the address of deseased people online? Isn't that a little against the right of privacy?


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maybe to send flowers or somethin? maybe that's why they showed the address. but i have to agree that it doesn't seem normal. sorry to hear about that prodj.

Offtopic: the tanker was hauling liquid nitrogen?!?! they are prolly awful glad none spilled. there would have probably been a lot of money going out for new car tires for the people who were behind that truck if the tanker was to bust open.


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What a great thing for Danny to do for Breann's family and friends. It's tough to realize during times of hurt, but things like this can cause so much good. Seeing the fragility of life can bring people closer together, repair broken relationships and create new ones. Plus, she's in a better place now. :)

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