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29 Jul 2002
Hey...What has been your worse injury? Please tell the story to it too. One of my worst injurys was caught on tape. I finally got it on my computer...right now its bein shared on kazaa...search go kart crash. I dont share but since this is my movie i will.

Its only like 48sec long but the size of the movie is like 178,000kb. Is there a way i can make it smaller? if i can do that then i can put it on kazaa.
In 35 year the worst thats happened to me is a tiny piece of grit lodged in my eye :cool:
I am a walking clutz. I cause small injuries all the time at work. Worst though is cuts and brusies.

As for the movie need to shrink it mabye into Divx or another media format like WMA?
Well, this hasn't happened to me... nor anyone I know. But this is what I was told by my friend about some football player.
Basically two players from opposite teams goes to kick the ball, however, one of them misses the ball completely and kicks the other guy in the nuts... breaking it.
i got into a car crash, with a friend of mine driving. 50mph into the side of a ford galaxy. doh! incidentally, the galaxy is behind the little AX there ^_^
ironically i wasnt injured too badly, but its the most disturbing event i've ever experienced.

i also knackered my teeth. when i was 7 i got a skateboard and was scooting along on my knee, right into a kerb. smashed both my front teeth off.

also, once i had an accident with some bleach ;)
When I was about 4 or something I jumped off a bunkbed cuzz I saw my 8 year old brother do it I remember climbing up and then walking into the bathroom where my mom was with my brother holding me and blood all over my hands and running down my face had to get 8 stitches in my forehead guess I landed with the wrong end of my body.
one time when I was about 11 or 10 me and my family took a trip to Canada. and at the resort there was this biking trail thing and so I went with like a group of 10 canadians and when i was going down a rocky trail i tried to brake a little and i ended up doing 2 flips on my bike and cutting my face, elbows, and legs up. fortunately i had a helmet.
I was playing rugby. A maul started and I ran into the back, the ball went down as did the other players. I went over the top and all the force landed on my left arm.

I dislocated my elbow, the most painful extremity to dislocate and as if that wasn't bad enough one of the bones in my elbow fractured abd shattered meaning that it could not be popped back into place.

I remember standing up and my elbow was 90 degrees further downward than it should be able to move and was moving freely.

Much dia-morphene later I was in the hospital for three days and the fractured bones were wired back together, I was in a cast up to my shoulder. The pain furthered by the fact I was in a public ward as my private health insurance could not be verified as my parents were currently moving around the USA.

A few weeks later I had to have further surgery to remove the wiring and was in phisiotherapy for quite a while to learn how to use my arm again and rebuild the attrified muscle.

Painful eh?
owwww EP...lol

My worst injury was a compression fracture when I was snowboarding (pff, not much)

BUT I have caused a decent sum of damage to my brother over the years, from a clean slide fracture just above the elbow (looked like he had two elbows :eek: ) to a nice fragmented fracture of his right arm...what a horrible brother I am (funniest part? Im a skinny little weakling - I seemed to step into quirks of physics when we used to wrestle lol)
I was 12 years old. I found out Louise Wehr like someone else and it broke my heart forever...
LeeJend said:
I was 12 years old. I found out Louise Wehr like someone else and it broke my heart forever...

lol awwww :(

was it the left or right chamber that burst?
Some really painful injuries in this thread.
LeeJend said:
I was 12 years old. I found out Louise Wehr like someone else and it broke my heart forever...

Haha :D

Personally, the "worst" injury would be three stiches to my chin after I tried to jump into a swimming pool backwards. :D
LeeJend said:
I was 12 years old. I found out Louise Wehr like someone else and it broke my heart forever...

Haha :D

Personally, the "worst" injury would be three stiches to my chin after I tried to jump into a swimming pool backwards. :D
Motorcycle accident. A dog ran out in front of me, the impact threw me over the bike. I landed on my hands and broke my wrists, while laying on the ground I tried to take my helmet off, not knowing my wrist was broken only to realise my thumb was broken! Blood everywhere, skinned both kneecaps to the bone as well as my elbows. also cut the inside of my knee on something (don't know what) and left a nice scar about 6 inches. Worst day of my life ever! I couldn't move, didn't want to! But hey the dog didn't make it so I felt a little better!
hmm.... i kinda have Nerd's approach (cept that i'm kinda the target instead of my brother). a couple years ago i got a fishing hook in the back of my head cause my brother was too damn lazy to walk back to the tree the hook was stuck in and get it unstuck. he said "well, other people do it". at the time i was sitting on the ground shaking some dirt and stones and stuff outta my shoe. go figure. next thing i know my brother looks at me funny. i'm thinkin to myself "why is he looking at me like that?" since i didn't even feel the hook get lodged in the back of my head. needless to say, went to the hospital to get it removed. instead of the doctor using a strong pair of cutters, he starts off with crappy ones, which couldn't cut it. so, about 4 pairs of cutters later, when he finally got a pair that could cut it, the fish hook was outta my head. stupid doctors.

On another note, one injury i am GLAD i don't really remember, cept for the scar just above my eye that i can only see if i'm squinting cause the only visible part is in my eye brow. Happened when i was pretty little, assuming that i don't remember it, and i was riding a little 3-wheel bike when it happened. my brother and my uncle were playin a little baseball, uncle throwing a baseball and my brother swingin the bat. *can tell that people out there are probably already imagining what happens* I start riddin the 3-wheel across the street, JUST as my uncle is throwing the baseball, and to sum it up quick, baseball bat meets forehead. now you know why i'm glad i can't remember it. my mom says that i was screaming like hell when it happened. she never heard me scream like that, or probably anyone else for that matter.

sorry bout the length, but i just remembered this one as i was typin the last. not much of an injury, but still awful painful. nobody here, as far as i know, knows this, but i have skin cancer. this little incident was from not the last time i went to get some removed, but the time before. the spots of it were on the top of my head, and when the doctor gave me the shots to numb the top of my head, it didn't quite work as good as it should have. i didn't feel when he cut it, but wow did i feel when he cauderized it (not sure if that's spelled right, but if it is not, i mean when he burned the skin to minimize bleeding). Good thing is that after the surgery, my mom took me to Arby's for dinner since i went through so much, which made me happy cause before that happened she kept tellin me no. ironic thing is that about an hour after i was home...... couldn't feel the top of my head. stoopid novicaine
Well, being the over-active adolescent I was, I could probably fill a few pages, the usual stitches, broken bones and such, but the worst accident still makes me hurt thinking about it.
Fourth of July(you know where this is going, don't you?:)), standing out in the back yard with parents and friends(showing off). Well, I thought it would be fun to hold on to the 8-ball roman candles and shoot them around the yard. Did it with about 9 of them. On the 10th one, I lit it, held it out, and all 8 balls promptly exited at once. It basically went off like a shotgun, shot out the back of my hand and hit me in the groin. Now, being that it went off with such force, I only felt the impact of it against the family jewels. Not so bad, I'd been kicked worse there! :) Then I noticed, or failed to notice my hand. I couldn't feel it or see it. My mother said she saw me turn a glowing white in the dark back yard. I ran into the house to find, somewhat to my relief, my hand was still there, minus alot of skin from the last 3 fingers. Since fireworks are illegal in my state, I decided the hospital was out, so I did a little triage on it myself, bandaged it up and thought I got away lucky. Then feeling started coming back. Worst part was, 2 days later, I was off to Tank Crewman school with the Army. Not much you can do around a 55 ton behemouth without inflicting a LOT of pain. Moral of the story...listen to your elders when they tell you not to screw around with fireworks! :) I still do, but it's light-and-run anymore!
Food poisoning, 6 hours of excruciating pain in the lower abdomen, 4 hours in the hospital on fluids, 2 vials of blood borrowed for testing. And a month later, another half day in the hospital from an anxiety headache, leading to excruciating pain in my head causing severe vomiting and another 4 hours in the hospital on fluids, 2 vials of blood borrowed for testing, this was the worst thing in the world.
I had food poisoning a few years back after one bite of a ribeye that had been frozen for a year. I am very fussy about eating food that is past its use-by-date but my mum assured me it would be ok. I had stomach ache for a week :S

The dog ate the rest of my steak and threw up too apparently.

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