Worm sleeps to avoid detection



Interesting one this I think. You get a worm, gliding around your PC, being nosey, snooping at your files looking for your address book so 'it' can then send a copy of itself to all n sundry. This worm is not your typical 'worm', this one is smarter, as soon as it detects the 'mafia' (antivirus software) coming to get it's
candy ass, it falls asleep and becomes invisible.

Don't beleive me? Read more here: http://news.com.com/Worm+sleeps+to+avoid+detection/2100-7349_3-5267258.html?tag=st_lh


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hmmm...me scared cause first i read a post earlier about a virus that uses copyright protecting to prevent getting deleted and now this.


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I have seen some pretty nasty ones roaming wild in the past couple of weeks.

ITs port scanning thats going to be the big problem in the future.
firewalls are going to be worthless against work-arounds.
were testing some crazy stuff at work and it pretty cool.


port scanning=worry


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wow thats scary stuff Lee .. worm/virus code is becoming more and more complex .. at some point it seems everyone will have to change OS or another method of protection is going to have to be developed.
Yep, that's scary, and as you said Xie, as time advances worm/virus code will become more complex and we will need better methods of protection. :)


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Lee said:
This worm is not your typical 'worm', this one is smarter, as soon as it detects the 'mafia' (antivirus software) coming to get it's
candy ass, it falls asleep and becomes invisible.
Damn it will hide everytime i turn on the pc :eek: :p


Geffy said:
we need some virus writers caught and employed to write anti-virus code
Sometimes I wonder if antivirus defs creators are actually writing the virii, worms, trojans and hoax's!

I don't know if I ever mentioned this before, a few years ago some old hacker, who would boast, he was a hacker (or cracker) when it was legal, about 12 years ago, recommended to (I won't mention their name, a well known British virus protection and internet security company) that they should only write virii protection software that does not need to be updated, just works on the fact anything that modifies systems files must be a blinkin' virus.

This means you're correct Geffy, we do need virii writers to write virus software, ha.

One problem, most of them are under 12 and would not be allowed to work as it would be against working laws, they have to be 13 and work less than 2 hours per day.


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Sadly lee, I don't think most virii are written by people under 12, I think they are truly talented people who just have too much time to kill and a huge ego. Most of them are probably people like me who know enough about computers to seriously f*ck them up, but unlike me they choose to actually do it.

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