World of Warcraft

Any one else out they playing the World of Warcraft open beta?

I've been playing it since the final stress test and I must say looks to be one of the best MMORPGs. I've play a Everquest, Final Fantasy XI and some other and I must say that this has an addiction factor of about 50X's more than those combined.

Given that they work out the lag issues with the servers i'll definately be getting this one on the release day.
This thread deserves a resurrection; I'm changing it to WoW in general, however! This is really the best game I've ever played. I've never played a MMORPG, but this one is so nice. I love the quests, the equipment, the battles, and my favorite--the economy! Look for me on the alliance side of Arthas if you want to hang with me :)
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I tried the star wars one and the final fantasy one, just couldn't get into it, so doubt I will even look at this. maybe matrix online, but that just looks like more of the same.


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It's supposed to be more 'accessible' than Final Fantasy, which is pretty much my only gripe with it; does get tedious after a while, but the community is very helpful. WoW seems interesting in that it doesn't seem to play like a glorified chatroom.
It's not the same as the others. It almost never feels like a chore (except the quests that go "Get 12 of this item that rarely drops from this monster", which I skip anyway), you don't have to play it all the time (every 8 hours not playing gets you 200% exp for 1/20th a level. It adds up fast!), and it's just genuinely fun. You'll see quickly, if you have it, why people are ditching CoH, Lineage, EQ2, and others to play this.

By the way, Player Vs. Player server isn't the honorable play that I had hoped for, but there are plenty of ways around getting killed all the time. Plus once you make it up to 40 or so, you get to be more the killer than the killee. On a non-player versus player (normal or PvE), you can still PvP with horde, but you have to flag yourself as available for a fight.
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Sorry if this is a bit off topic (feel free to let me know, i''ll delete this post), but have you tried CoH? I joined the beta, and had a go this morning, andit's insanely addictive. Granted, It's only just for a few dyas (beta ends on the 31st!), but compared to FFXI, it was really easy to get into. Was wondering how WoW compares to it, if anybody knows?
Well it seems from the news the last few days WoW cant handle a fraction of the load they claimed it could so I'd say pretty much every MMO out there is better from a technical standpoint. Gameplay WoW seems to have an edge, though I'd still sooner plump for Lineage2, EQ2, FoM, AO, Ryzom, etc...


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WoW is one of the best games I've ever played; it's got me gaming on my PC once again and has taken time off me trying to increase my rank on Halo 2. The classic annoyance penny-arcade formula of being anonymous is frowned upon and will typically earn you an ignore which I quite appreciate since that's what typically turns me off from MMORPGs in the first place. The world itself is wonderfully sewn together and you never really feel like you're doing chores on the quests. I think GameInformer said it best: "It's your classic MMORPG elements with a certain polish that only Blizzard could deliver".


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I just finished last week the 2 week european beta.

The best MMORPG ever but I won't pay that much of money to pay and to pay monthly...

I enjoyed 2 weeks..

I'm at level 46 now, but my game is about to taper off. Soon I'll be back from Korea with my wife and playing an hour a day on rested XP :D
I'm waiting till they sort out the backend and infrastructure issues. I keep hearing about how servers are/were collapsing in the us which isnt good - it indicates lack of foresight on Blizzards side of the table or as is more likey a SERIOUSLY BIG underestimate of how many people were going to inundate the servers.

Once people start talking abot fewer and fewer server issues I'll look into it.


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It's not a matter of lack of foresight it's the simple fact that the game exploded beyond anything anyone could speculate. If you where ready for a launch and a maximum of 200k people but end up having 600k instead I think you'd have some server issues as well. Anyhow, it's not as bad as people say it is; the two servers I'm on (Gilneas and Windrunner) only go down for scheduled matinence and Gilneas has crashed once. Just don't hop on one that's known for problems, like Frostwolf, then complain that the game sucks.


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i hope the matrix online learns from WoW's mistakes
these massive multiplayer games are almost too good to be true


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I have heard good and bad things about The Matrix online. I hear its kinda boring... and lacks any real deapth when it comes to fighting (just hand to hand). But others say it has tons of potential.. so I am just gonna have to wait!


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Jus curious to those who play ... when you buy the game, how long can you play before you have to start paying for subscription? Or do you pay to buy the game and start the subscription right away?

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Might check it out I guess when I have BB, but I guess we will all be in different realms anyway.
will prob be in the same realm as the guys on Oc-UK, but we will see.
Dunno how much time I could dedicate towards something I have to pay to play.


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vern said:
Jus curious to those who play ... when you buy the game, how long can you play before you have to start paying for subscription? Or do you pay to buy the game and start the subscription right away?
You get a month free before they start charging you but they require credit card details in order to activate your account.

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